Regular readers of this column (I hope there are some) know I love to run stories about small acts of kindness. And, happily, I never run out of them.

Here's one from Larry Sylvester that ties into our current series on Sears store memories:

"When I was very young, Sears was one of the few large stores in Lake Charles.

"I needed a special left-handed first baseman's mitt so I could play softball at school.

"One day there was one advertised in the local paper, on sale at Sears for $7 (it was a very long time ago).

"So I diligently saved my allowance, and what I could earn from small jobs, until I had just the right amount.

"I went downtown to Sears, found the glove I wanted and went to pay for it. At the cash register, the salesman said it cost $7 plus tax.

"I didn't know about tax yet, and I was stuck. What to do? So the salesman pulled some change out of his pocket and paid the few cents tax for me. What a kind thing to do. …"

War of the States

Anne Cummings' story is especially relevant this week:

"Recently I was rear-ended in my beautiful new vehicle (no one hurt) and had to get a rental car while awaiting the repairs.

"When the agent took me out to the car, I told him I could not guarantee that the car would be all right this coming weekend.

"His startled look was fun, but I then told him to look at the license plate. Yep, it was from Alabama. He laughed.

"I took the car, and when I got home I stuck a magnetic LSU sticker on it! Hope that keeps it safe."

Spoiled flyer

Willie Price, of New Iberia, tells how his wife learned about the airlines' caste system:

"In 1994 we were living in Gretna, and I was working at New Orleans International Airport (in air traffic control).

"My wife was notified that her close cousin passed away in New York City. My wife wanted to go to the funeral, but was afraid and had never flown before.

"We purchased coach tickets. When we got to the gate on the day of the flight, the gate agent knew me and said if two vacancies in first class remained open, he would bump us up to first class.

"He did, and my wife absolutely enjoyed her first flight, in first class on Delta.

"On the return flight we were in coach, and she complained all the way back about the small seats and the level of service."

Star with cars

Keith Horcasitas, of Baton Rouge, says, "I went to Kenner's Pontchartrain Center one night recently to join others in honoring Louisiana's 'Great 100 Nurses,' including two wonderful RNs I know personally, Marvelle Williams-Perrin and Melinda Castro.

"At the event, it was so neat to see and hear Ronnie Lamarque, famed Yat car dealer (yes, there are others besides our late beloved Tom Benson!) sing the national anthem.

"He did a fabulous job, and was courted by a Superdome exec at the event to come and croon for the Saints!"

Special People Dept.

Willery Capron celebrates her 95th birthday on Thursday, Nov. 1.

How Greenies celebrate

"Being a native of New Orleans, the Tulane Green Wave was our team," says Dee Derbes Muenzler.

"Of course, tailgating was at friends' houses.

"In 1973, Tulane beat LSU 14-0. Our host got so excited he proceeded to go skinny-dipping in his pool."

He parties religiously

Lynn Mitchell says, "The Rev. Dr. Jane Riecke at First United Methodist Church, Baton Rouge, sent out a large email about a coming leadership meeting and asked participants to respond.

"An addressee named Mike responded, 'I will bring Zippy's margaritas.' It went to 'Reply All.'

"The next email from Mike said, 'Sorry. Email issues today. Thought I was responding to an unrelated email about this weekend.'

"The Alabama vs. LSU game must have Mike befuddled — but I laughed until I cried."

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