I enjoy seeing how one story in this column leads to another, and another…

For instance:

1. Henry Bradsher tells of shooting mistletoe out of oak trees with a .22 rifle.

2. "Grady in Destin" says, "I own property in southwest Mississippi, close to McComb, that we grow pine trees on. Some years ago, before it was all pine trees, we had plenty of oak trees. I'd use a .22 rifle to shoot down some mistletoe. Usually on a good day one shot did the trick.

"And I would go up there and cut down a cedar tree for Christmas. What a smell!"

3. One year my dad drove up to his childhood home outside Gloster, Mississippi, to cut a Christmas tree in the woods.

While there might have been cedars out there, he was not a patient man, and cut a little pine he thought looked nice in that setting.

When he got it home we realized it was ugly; few needles, and branches too thin for many of the ornaments.

But no one said a word, because we saw the way he looked at it. It was a reminder of the piney woods of his youth. He loved it, and was proud of it.

Of all the Christmas trees my family had, that ugly little pine is the only one I remember.   

El of a note

Dudley Lehew, of Marrero, is an old friend — but he's a weird one…

For instance, he tells this little story:

"I was very impressed when I saw Charlton Heston in the movie 'El Cid' when I lived in Massachusetts in the '70s.

"Its dramatic ending featured the deceased hero strapped upright on his horse as he exited a castle where he had fallen in battle. Crowds formed a pathway and chanted 'El Cid…El Cid…El Cid!' as his horse carried him away.

"I was so impressed I had a personalized Massachusetts license plate bearing the letters 'El Dud' on it.

"But alas, no crowd ever formed to chant 'El Dud…El Dud…El Dud!' as I drove throughout Boston!"

Down with Smurfs

The recent discussion of Tulane University's blue football uniforms brought this note from Leslie Boudreaux, of Mandeville:

"Our son Brandon played baseball for Tulane under Coach Rick Jones. One home game the team came out with brand new uniforms that were the same powder blue uniforms referred to in your story.

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"We parents referred to them as 'The Blue Smurfs,' and we lost that game badly. We heard Coach Jones ordered the new uniforms to be burned, and never saw them again."

Colorful explanation

H.B. Babin, of Zachary, says despite the nicknames "Green Wave" and "Greenies," blue is also a Tulane color:

"Tulane's colors are 'olive green' and 'sky blue,' making for interesting uniforms and clothing through the years!"

Give Pat a coat

Pat Shingleton's no longer giving us the weather on Baton Rouge's WBRZ-TV, but you don't need a weatherman to tell you it's going to be chilly this winter.

So he's continuing Pat’s Coats for Kids, collecting warm coats for youngsters who need them.

He says, "After 30-plus years with the project, kids then and adults now will mention, 'Hey Pat, I got one of your coats!'

If you have a coat or coats for Pat, let him know at Pat@Futurebound.com.

Special People Dept.

— Josephine “Phyne” Guzzardo, of Independence, celebrates her 96th birthday Sunday, Oct. 17.

— James and "Bank" Friloux, of Baton Rouge, celebrated their 71st anniversary Thursday, Oct. 14.

— Glenn and Carol Fuselier, of Morgan City, celebrate 55 years of marriage Friday, Oct. 15.

— Andy and Bobbie Nagy Shrader, of Holden, celebrate their 50th anniversary Friday, Oct. 15.

Mr. Multi

"I am great at multi-tasking," Marvin Borgmeyer, of Baton Rouge, says proudly. "I can waste time, be unproductive, and procrastinate, all at the same time."

Check it out

Marsha R., this column's unpaid fashion consultant, gives the latest fall fashions report:

"I see by my many catalogs that this year's style for women will be 'Buffalo Check Plaids.'

"These plaids are called 'Buffalo Check' because when you wear them you look like a buffalo."

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