Dear Smiley: Be careful what you say; it could backfire on you.

When I am in a supermarket and see parents giving their little ones a ride in the shopping cart, I can't resist saying, "What aisle did you pick that one up in? I was looking for one just like that."

Most of the time the parent will smile and thank me.

But once the mother said, "You can have this one. I was ready to put it back on the shelf anyway." Then she put the child in my cart!

She quickly said, "Just kidding," put the child back in her cart and went on shopping.



Very funny, kid!

Dear Smiley: The stories this week about kids in lines at a register brought back a funny, yet sweet, memory.

When my daughter Georgia was about 4 years old, I was standing in line at a K&B pharmacy, and she was jumping on the rubber mat which opened the gate to enter the store.

I completed my transaction and walked over to the rubber mat to pick up a reluctant daughter, who yelled out loudly, "Help! Someone is taking me away!"

I responded just as loudly, "Come with Papa, Georgia!"

I did get some strange looks.



Very funny, Grandpa!

Dear Smiley: A few days back someone wrote about how big and heavy TVs were in the '60s. They were part of the furniture of every home — fine wooden cabinets with a flat top that could be used for decorations.

Growing up in Harahan, many young boys were infatuated with the hit TV show "Bonanza." I was one of those kids, and being a big kid meant that I really loved Hoss. It was one of the few shows that was broadcast in color. I begged and begged my parents for a color TV.

In those days a color TV was very expensive and the technology was not so great. I had almost convinced my parents to get one so I could watch my favorite show in color.

Well, along comes my wise-cracking Grandpa, who tells me that it would be awful to get a color TV. I was so sad, and I asked him why.

His answer? "Well, every time a washing machine commercial comes on, the colors would run all over the screen!"

Not funny! I did finally get my way, and it was amazing.



Early Mardi Gras?

Dear Smiley: I have been a football fan all my life; high school, LSU, and the Saints, and always loved the rough, tough look they portray.

These past few years have been like watching all the teams show up with the most atrocious colors in uniforms I have ever seen.

They look like bumblebees or ballet dancers in tights. I have come to the conclusion that Blaine Kern of Mardi Gras World must have been hired to bring a Mardi Gras look to the NFL.



Uncle Earl, Uncle Tony

Dear Smiley: At my home, next to the entrance to a bathroom I have a signed print of Uncle Earl (Gov. Earl K. Long) by George Rodrigue prominently displayed.

One day, after using the bathroom, my wife’s granddaughter, who is about 3 years old, asked in her very innocent voice, “Gran, is that Poppa?”

I know I’m graying, but I now realize just how much! You know, when I look at my friends I think they’re aging. I guess I should spend more time in front of a mirror.



You see one ant…

Dear Smiley: Your recent story concerning Ogden Nash and ants brought back memories of a poem I composed three score and four years ago, before the scourge of the imported fire ant:

Little ants running up and down the hills

Sometimes give me great thrills.

They run and run, it looks like a race;

But each ant has the same face.

How am I to tell which one will win?

It might be a her, or it might be a him.


Upper Lafayette

Dear Harvey: I assume this resulted in your poetic license being revoked… 

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