Claude Lafleur, of Baton Rouge, shares this "wild hog going hog wild" story:

"Some friends and I were moving a houseboat (named appropriately 'Riff Raft') through Morgan City.

"When we got there, the railroad drawbridge control guy told us he couldn't open the bridge for a while, so we should just stay in place a bit.

"About 15 minutes later he called us and said, 'Hey, do you guys need any pork?'

"We were surprised at the question, and asked for clarification.

"He told us the passenger train had run over a huge wild boar that had broken the brakes on the train. They had pulled the boar out and fixed the brakes, and were needing to get rid of the pig!

"We declined — and heard a lot of laughter over the radio as the train went by and the bridge slowly opened to let us pass."

Game of chance

"Speaking of marbles," says Nobey Benoit, "remember drop boxes? 

"Back in grade school, when marbles were the fad, anyone able to secure an empty cigar box would drill a hole in it slightly larger than a marble.

"You would bring this box to school, along with a few marbles as 'seed money,' and challenge anyone with marbles to drop one from belt high into the hole and get two marbles in return.

"Or, if you were lucky enough to score one of those old Regal beer cans (empty, of course) shaped like a long-neck bottle, you would hammer the neck down into the can and pay five for one if you got the marble in.

"Hardly ever had to pay up.

"Then the school realized it was gambling and shut it down. Should have called it gaming."

Aging process

  • Kent Barton says, "A cashier asks a guy in line (not me) if he's a senior.

"He answers, 'Yes, but I'm not as old as I look.' Realizing what he just said, he quickly adds, 'Wait, that doesn't sound right!'

"But it was too late, it was already out there."

  • Raymond "LaLa" Lalonde, of Sunset, explains, "If someone tells you 'you're looking good,' it doesn't mean that you are good-looking.

"It probably means that you're not too bad off for your age — or he/she wants something from you and throws in that false compliment."

  • Joe Savell, of St. Francisville, says, “ ‘You’re looking good’ is better than your doctor saying, 'You’re in good condition for the condition you’re in.’ ”
  • Claude Lafleur says, "I ran into a friend of mine who asked, 'Claude, how old are you?.' When I answered '71,' he replied, 'Man, you don't look 71 — but I knew you when you did!’ ”

Special People Dept.

  • Ed and Audrey Braud, of Gonzales, celebrate their 65th anniversary Wednesday, June 26.
  • Norman and Talmadge Carter, of Woodville, Mississippi, celebrated their 60th anniversary Tuesday, June 25.
  • Betty C. and Octave "O.J." Dupuy, of Plaquemine, celebrated their 60th anniversary Thursday, June 20.

High times

Carlie Winstanley says, "I, as most New Orleanians, have wonderful memories of Dr. John. My favorite involves another New Orleans icon, Alvin 'Red' Tyler.

"When we lived in Breckenridge, Colorado, Mac and Red performed there in 1990.

"They came directly from the funeral of Stevie Ray Vaughn, and, despite their sorrow, put on their usual wonderful show!

"We spoke with Red at intermission and he asked us, 'How do you breathe up here?' (10,000 feet altitude).

"Mind you, he was smoking at the time."

Gas powered?

Elwyn Bocz, of Lutcher, has a "mouth of babes" story:

"On a road trip, my wife and I brought along our youngest grandchild, Asher.

"He was busy playing something on his iPad, using our car’s Wi-Fi, when all of a sudden he asked me if using the Wi-Fi in the car was causing us to use too much gas.

"It is truly something the way little minds work."

Sign language

Terry James, of Mandeville, tells of seeing this sign on the wall of a local restaurant:

"Grow your own dope

Plant a man"

Terry says, "My wife thought this hilarious while she nodded in agreement!"

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