Brent St. Blanc has found evidence that out west, the days of the O.K. Corral are long gone:

"On returning from a trip to Glacier National Park recently, we arrived early to the Kalispell, Montana, airport.

"Since we had some time to kill until boarding for the return flight, I picked up a copy of the local newspaper and thumbed through to see there was a 'Police Blotter' page.

"Here are a couple of actual calls to the local police department and sheriff’s office for the previous week:

“'A hotel owner wanted to leave a message with the local police cold case unit. Apparently he had some new information on the theft of a shower curtain a few years back.'

"'A man allegedly lost his backpack while running from the police a few days ago. Apparently there was some stuff in there that he really needed, so he called the police to see if they had found his backpack.'

"Is this what the 'Wild West' looks like today?"

Firing line

Jim Pitchford says, "Reading about the political flyers reminds me of the last election. With three grandchildren and their fathers, I headed to the Homochitto River for target shooting.

"We wondered what to use to hold the targets. The problem was solved when we stopped and picked up several used-up political signs that answered our target stand problem."

Useful junk mail

And while we're on the subject of postelection litter, Karen Otis, of Slidell, says, "After removing the political flyers from my mailbox, I use them to scrape off the bird poop from the top of the mailbox. A statement about the content, perhaps?"

Roly-polys live!

Jo says, "In response to the article in Tuesday’s Smiley column from Nobey Benoit about the little bugs, we always called them 'doodle bugs.' And no, we don’t ever see them anymore."

But Dusty Kling, of Baton Rouge, reports that accounts of their extinction are not accurate: 

"Please reassure Nobey Benoit that roly-polys are alive and well. I have hundreds in my compost heap, turning my kitchen wastes into fine compost for my gardens."

Happy returns

Rosemary offers "a special thanks to the lady who found my cell phone and turned it in to the service desk at the Walmart in Central."

Special People Dept.

  • Jack P. Martin celebrates his 100th birthday Wednesday. He was a B-52 bomber navigator in the South Pacific during World War II. He is a retired geologist.
  • Terry Bryson, of Golden Age Nursing Home in Denham Springs, celebrates her 98th birthday Wednesday.
  • James and Winnie Dane Braud Hawkins, of Dutchtown, celebrated their 64th anniversary Tuesday.

John's joke

Brenna Allphin-Smith Perez says it’s been 8 years since her grandfather, John Allphin, "wrote his last joke to you, and not a day goes by he doesn’t still make me smile in some way!"

She includes one of John's favorites, which I've used several times. Here it is, one more time: 

"The phone rang at the State Police office the other day, and the desk sergeant answered to hear an obviously intoxicated Boudreaux saying, 'Somebody done broke into my car an' stole everyting! Dey done took de dashboard, de steering wheel, de brake pedal, and even de accelerator. Send somebody, quick.'

"Before the sergeant had a chance to dispatch a trooper, the phone rang again. It was Boudreaux. He says, 'Never y'all mind, Mr. Trooper; I had got in de back seat by mistake.' "

Light humor

Marsha R. offers us this story from the National Storytelling Festival, as told by the Rev. Robert B. Jones Sr.:

The preacher announced, “We will be having a meeting of the committee to discuss the purchase of the new chandelier.”

The deacon, who thought HE ought to have been preacher, began to protest. 'No, no, NO! We do not need to be buying another thing that we don’t even know what it is.

“Secondly, we do not need to be buying something we can’t even SPELL.

“And thirdly, what we really need around here is MORE LIGHT!”

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