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“The Thursday story about Edwin Edwards on the white horse," says Michael J. DeFelice, "reminded me of seeing him at Baton Rouge's Kleinpeter Stables, where he boarded a horse.

"A long black limousine pulled up and Edwards got out dressed in cowboy boots, bluejeans, a Western shirt and white hat.

"The scene was ruined by his two assistants in suits with ties. They went into the barn, brought out his horse and saddled it.

"Years later, when I completed an appraisal of his house on Highland Road for Dixie Federal Savings and Loan, he proudly showed me his saddle of rhinoceros skin a friend had given him."

Talent by osmosis?

Another story about the teacher who punished students by having them stand behind a piano:

Joe Mistretta, of Donaldsonville, says, "My deceased brother-in-law, Carl Schexnayder, was band director at St. Amant High for many years.

"Once, after a performance at his alma mater, Ascension Catholic in Donaldsonville, his first-grade teacher, Sister Marie, complimented his performance and informed the student body, 'The reason Mr. Schexnayder is so good in music is because he spent so much time behind my piano!’ ”

Sweet celebration

For Florent "Pon" Hardy Jr., retired Louisiana state archivist, July 14 has a special significance.

On July 14, 1789, revolutionaries stormed the Bastille prison in Paris, an event establishing the unity of the French nation. Called "Bastille Day" here, it is celebrated in France as French National Day (La Fête Nationale).

Pon, an authority on the French in Louisiana, discovered that the word's out about his interest in the celebration.

At lunch Wednesday at Baton Rouge's Ruth's Chris Steak House, he was presented with a surprise dessert, a cheesecake decorated with the French tricolor — strips of blueberry and strawberry sauces on either side of the top of the white cheesecake.

Title search

Chuck Pickett, of Lafayette, says, "My favorite funny country music song is, 'I'm The King of Barstool Mountain,' (recorded by Johnny Paycheck in 1977).

"I crack up every time I hear it."

Wayne Weilbaecher, of Covington, says, "After reading articles about funny names for country songs, I believe they missed one.

"How about, 'Drop Kick Me, Jesus, Through the Goalposts of Life?’ ”

The Bobby Bare classic, recorded in 1976, is evidently aimed at fans who follow football religiously. 

Speaking Joisey

"Talking about accents," says Martha Wright, "husband Malcolm used to tell me about when he would go to Marine Corps summer camp in the ’50s at Quantico, Virginia, for two weeks while in college (in lieu of ROTC).

"There were 'guys' from New Jersey who would say to him, 'Geez wizz, you guys talk funny!’ ”

Birth announcement

Thanks to Brooks Kubena for passing along this story of a cool coincidence.

Henry Hays and his wife Melissa both celebrate their 50th birthdays Thursday. Being born on the same day is a bit unusual, but as Henry describes it, "Our situation is uncanny indeed! My wife was born two hours before me at Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge."

Henry adds that the doctors who delivered them were partners.

"We've been married for 23 years and have three kids. Weird, huh?"

Special People Dept.

  • Wiley Duke, of Baton Rouge, celebrates his 96th birthday Sunday, July 18. He is a decorated World War II Battle of the Bulge veteran.
  • Carl N. Williams, of Zachary, celebrates his 94th birthday Sunday, July 18. He is a veteran of the Korean War.
  • Lou "LuLu" Miller, of Metairie, celebrates her 90th birthday Sunday, July 18.
  • Anna and Pat Hogan, of Covington, formerly of Chalmette, celebrate their 61st anniversary Friday, July 16.
  • Steve and Jenny Person, of Prairieville, celebrate their 50th anniversary Saturday, July 17. He is a Marine veteran of the Vietnam War.
  • Diana Bush Penton and Jerry Penton, of Central, celebrate their 50th anniversary Saturday, July 17.

End times?

Marsha R., of Baton Rouge, tells of an unfortunate occurrence:

"I'm eating Chinese take-out for the third night because the portions are so big.

"I saved the single fortune cookie for tonight.

"The cookie was empty. No fortune.

"Is this a sign? Disturbing."

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