A football story from Jim Pitchford, of Baton Rouge:

"The Kentucky-LSU game mentioned Wednesday might be the one where Kentucky blocked a punt that was picked up by the Wildcats' All-American Art Still, who took it into the end zone.

"After the game the LSU punter was asked what he was thinking about in trying to chase down Still.

"His reply was, 'If I catch him, what am I going to do with him?'"

Sliding into Slidell

Hodges Mercer, of Slidell, joins our discussion on names of residents of Louisiana cities:

"We lived in Kenner 29 years, and always referred to ourselves as Kenneries. I even wrote a letter to the city council suggesting that a canary be made the official bird.

"But my suggestion was ignored, so we moved to Slidell, where we’re called Slidllians. I’m now awaiting a response to my suggestion (made 17 years ago) that a playground slide replace the magnolia as the official symbol."

Double your fun

Speaking of names and places, Diane T. Martin, of Morgan City, says, "I have dual citizenship: I’m a Morgan Citian by birth and residence (42 years), and I’m also a Poleon (Napoleonville) by marriage and choice (40 years). The best of two different worlds…"

Ida's song

Since Hurricane Ida visited our state, I've been getting a number of songs from readers about the unwelcome storm.

Dara Long, of Metairie, comes up with a ditty sung to the tune of "Signs," a 1970 hit by the Canadian group Five Man Electric Band. One line is about the kid who outwitted a business owner whose sign said, "Long-haired freaky people need not apply" by putting his hair up under his hat, then removing it and letting his locks flow after he was hired.

Here's Dara's version:    

"Lines, lines,

Everywhere are lines.

They're part of the recovery.

They take all your time.

You need this,

You want that,

Gotta wait in line."

Lazy rider

A note from our Good Health Dept., by Chuck Falcon, of Donaldsonville:

"After recently celebrating my 71st birthday, I have decided to start an exercise program for myself.

Where To Go, What To Eat

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"I have decided I will start riding a bicycle.

"Would you know the distance that I could travel before having to recharge an electric bicycle?"

No, but maybe you could get an extra long extension cord…

Metric speeder

On Thursday we told of a lady's grandson driving 140 kilometers per hour. Ronnie Stutes and Tim Palmer were the first metric-speakers to tell us that's 87 mph, "still a tad fast for U.S. 90, or the police would think so anyway," says Tim.

My bad: I left out the line where the lady tells her grandson to slow down.

Special People Dept.

— Elva Timme, of Lane Senior Care in Zachary, celebrates her 100th birthday Saturday, Oct. 2.

— Rhea B. Lucien, of New Orleans, celebrates her 100th birthday Sunday, Oct. 3. She was in the first graduating class of Dillard University's School of Nursing in 1945.

— Parker and Janice Parra, of Houma, celebrate their 57th anniversary Saturday, Oct. 2. They are also "celebrating our brand new blue roof, thanks to a great Corps of Engineers crew from Atlanta who came all this way to help out after ida."

— Doug and Joan Becnel, of Luling, celebrate their 55th anniversary Friday, Oct. 1.

Cheer up!

Edwin Fleischmann adds to our list of memorable athletic cheers with this one that roused the Colton Comets of Colton Junior High School ("ain't dere no more") on St. Claude Avenue in New Orleans:

"Ala biba, ala baba, ala bibabo

Boom get a rat trap bigger than a cat trap

Boom get another one bigger than the other one

Boom, bah sis boom bah

Colton Comets rah rah rah!"

And Emmett Irwin recalls "an old LSU football cheer from many years ago:

"LOU rah rah, ISI rah rah, ANA rah rah. LOU rah, ISI rah, ANA rah, LOUISIANA rah rah."

Secret ingredient

Since we're on a gumbo kick, Paula King, of Gretna, chimes in with this information:

"Papa used an old fashioned recipe when he made gumbo.

"It started out, 'First, you put a jigger of whiskey into the cook…'"

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