Every year about this time we get a taste of cooler temperatures, and folks start saying it's "gumbo weather."

For others in this part of the world, this preview of autumn brings earthier thoughts.

I've told this story for about as long as I've done this column, because it pretty much sums up the some folks' attitude about fall.

I was walking into Baton Rouge's downtown post office one day, and two guys in front of me were discussing the current cold snap.

"Man, I love this weather!" said one.

The other replied enthusiastically, "Yeah, it makes me want to kill a pig!"

Which reminds me

Years ago I chatted with Ville Platte's mayor, Jennifer Vidrine, about the 2011 visit of Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" TV series to her area (Lakeview Park in Eunice) for a boucherie.

She laughed as she recalled preparations for the shoot:

"It was in June, and very hot. We had a hard time convincing folks to put on a boucherie in that kind of weather. They thought it was a crazy idea…"

It might have been crazy, but the show did a great job showcasing the Cajuns' love of food and their skill in preparing it.

Bourdain, known for his often sarcastic cracks, seemed genuinely fond of his hosts and their cooking.

And he appeared to really enjoy dispatching the porcine guest of honor with a pistol, while adopting a New Jersey gangster persona.         

Well-shod Cajuns

Daniel Bourgeois, of Lafayette, says, "Those white rubber boots you have been writing about are called Delcambre Reeboks (that’s 'Dell Come' for foreigners)."

Center of attention

Lynn Pennington, of Baton Rouge, says she's "adding more to the pronunciation sagas:

"A few years ago I visited the Rouse's grocery in the Lagniappe Shopping Center on Airline Highway in Prairieville.

"My three grandsons were so impressed with this store because it had an elevator!

"It was great fun to not only get Grannie to buy your favorite cup of sorbet, but to take Grannie and the shopping cart in the elevator to the second floor for an extra adventure.

"Here we could enjoy the sorbet, while overlooking the store's activity, knowing we had an elevator to return us to shopping below. This seemed like the perfect outing with Grannie for three curious boys.

"As we finished our escapade and were driving home, the oldest grandson, Logan, assured me it would be easy to find this place in the future: 'Just look for the 'Lag-knee-oppy' sign, Grannie.'

"I still chuckle each time I drive by that spot."

Melancholy memory 

Phil Ragusa recalls this mangled pronunciation:

"Years ago, in the '70s, my wife and I visited a relative in Atlanta when LSU was playing a football game with Kentucky, or maybe Georgia.

"As it was not televised, we listened to it on the radio. LSU had a player named Melancon.

"I vividly remember that every time he was in on a play his name was pronounced 'Melon Con.'

"We were wrong when we assumed someone would call the station and get the name corrected before the game was over."

Special People Dept.

  • Lillie Major "Pigeon" Thibaut, of Oscar, celebrates her 99th birthday Wednesday, Sept. 23. She was the 1942 LSU Homecoming Queen.
  • Buddy and Gloria Mazzeno, of Metairie, celebrate their 76th anniversary Wednesday, Sept. 23.

What accent?

Richard Stagnoli, of Central, says, "Growing up in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, we had our own language and unique way of using words. We could understand each other rather well.

"I remember one occasion when my cousins from the Buffalo, New York, area came to visit.

"We were sitting around talking and joking when one of them made the statement that we hillbillies really had an accent.

"I calmly told him to look around, and he would see that we didn't have an accent, he was the outsider with an accent."

Just say no

"Still getting many robocalls every day," says Ernie Gremillion, of Baton Rouge.

"Got a different one today for burial coverage. Told them I didn't think was interested, since I didn't care to be buried in India."

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