Funny how one story will remind others of similar ones. This happened when a reader mentioned Tabasco, and suddenly we're inundated with hot sauce tales:

For instance, here's some advice from T-Bob Taylor, of Panama City Beach, Florida:

"After LSU, the job I found and accepted forced me to leave my beloved Louisiana. I quickly learned a hot sauce secret I'd like to offer.

"Regardless of what you drink in a restaurant, when you make your first beverage order always ask for hot sauce with it.

"When I order an Arnold Palmer (iced tea and lemonade) I don't blink, and always ask them to bring hot sauce with it.

"Why? If I didn't ask for it when I first sat down, it would be half-past-meal-delivery before I got it, if I ever did see my wish fulfilled.

"Another thought to increase your success in this matter is to eat at places with a bar. Ask the waitress to borrow the bar's hot sauce.

"You're welcome. (Or did you know this?)"

No; both good ideas, T-Bob. But I'm trying to figure why you'd want to eat someplace without a bar. ...

Spicy movie

Kenny Blanchard, of Plattenville, shares this Tabasco story:

"A few days ago, I was watching a 1932 episode of 'The Little Rascals' on TV.

"Spanky has a brother seated across the table who keeps feeding their dog, under the table, sausage off his plate.

"When Spanky sees what's going on, he sneaks under the table and gets a couple of the sausages.

"His brother catches on, reaches for the Tabasco (yes, an actual bottle of Tabasco), puts some on a sausage and gives it to Spanky.

"Spanky grabs at his mouth, makes this weird sound (like a very sick 'Moo!') and quickly crawls out from under the table. He runs over to the water dispenser and laps the water from the spout.

"Although the Tabasco brand was founded in 1868, and is very common today, seeing the bottle of Tabasco blew my mind.

"The scene is on YouTube, called 'Birthday Blues.’ ”

Calling Rat Boy

Richard Haerther continues our seminar on nicknames:

"As a stage manager in St. Petersburg, Florida, I worked with quite a few stagehands with colorful nicknames: Furball, Lumpy, Dark Horse, Rat Boy. My nickname could not be printed in a family newspaper.

"Dark Horse went on to become a sound tech for Cheap Trick. As for Rat Boy, Clarence Clemons, legendary sax player for Bruce Springsteen, worked with him on a side project, Temple of Soul. Clarence called him RB.

"Rat Boy was one of a handful of techs who passed a deep background check by the Secret Service and FBI to provide production services whenever the president or vice president were in west central Florida, starting with President George W. Bush.

"When Rat Boy ran sound, his Secret Service alias was ... 'Rat Boy.’ ”

Sponsor a city

Greg Thompson, of Walker, says, "One of your astute writers (I almost said readers!) noticed all these towns being named after their water towers.

"Just a couple of days later The Advocate ran an article about a town in Florida that ‘inadvertently’ sold their water tower. This got my wheels turning!

"I imagine it won’t be long before we start seeing signs pop up saying 'Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz City of New Orleans' and 'You are now entering the Raising Cane’s City of Baton Rouge.'

"And to think it all started in Smiley’s column!"

Started and, I suspect, ended here. ...

Special People Dept.

  • Nolan and Ramona Veillon, of Gonzales, celebrate 64 years of marriage Tuesday, June 22. She's a retired teacher; he's a retired store owner, cattle farmer.
  • Marilyn and Jack R. Crais, of Luling, celebrate 58 years of marriage Tuesday, June 22.

Breakfast apostle

"When fixing breakfast for my 3-year-old grandson," says Mary Cooley, of New Orleans, "I folded his hands in preparation for giving thanks.

"When I told him to say, 'Thank you, Jesus, for this food,' he looked at me with a very puzzled look and said, 'You not Jesus, you MiMi.'

"This was a moment never to be forgotten."

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