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With Carnival coming so soon after The Great Dome Robbery, we can expect the NFL to be a major subject at parades.

Greg LeRouge, of New Orleans, says, "Word has it that the Krewe of Bacchus has sent a message to the NFL inviting the officials from the Saints-Rams game to be their guests and ride in the parade.

"They would ride on the King Kong or Queen Kong floats."

For those not familiar with these floats, they feature giant gorilla figures that parade-goers pelt with beads as they roll by. Except in this case, there might be other objects involved…

Throw a flag!

Rolonda Mayer offers a crafts tip for parade-goers who, unlike some NFL referees, LIKE to throw yellow flags:

"Yellow flags for Mardi Gras throws are easily made using tiny 'super balls' in pinking-sheared squares of yellow fabric held tightly with dental rubber bands. Extra points if you can get Roger Goodell's face onto the yellow ball portion of your flags."

Rolonda, in a burst of creativity, suggests that these flags be thrown to the crowd by walking krewes, who would periodically do the "box dance" to a version of the "Cupid Shuffle" with these lyrics:

"To the ref, to the ref,

to the ref, to the ref.

Make it right, make it right,

make it right, make it right."

The other sister

Caroline Derbes tells this post-Valentine's Day love story:

"My great-grandfather had taught his two daughters to swim. On vacation at a lake, all the boys swam out to a pontoon.

"Naomi, 20, and Ruth (my grandmother), 16, the only female swimmers, swam to the pontoon while all the other girls were stuck on shore.

"My grandfather-to-be had returned from World War I, and was in his mid-20s. He was immediately smitten with Ruth, and began to write letters to her.

"Grandmother Ruth assumed he was writing her big sister Naomi and just had the names confused. She answered in mushy love-letters as if she were her sister. That’s how their love story started."

Caroline says after the mistaken identity was cleared up, "they waited for her to graduate from college before marrying."

Tip of the cat

Mary Pramuk says, "When I read that you and Lady Katherine had encountered a reference (in closed captions on TV) to 'cat tipping' when it should have been 'cap tipping,' I thought of our cat, who is stronger than the two of us when we have to give her medicine or trim her long, strong, curved, killer claws.

"We found a solution at Garden District Animal Hospital in Baton Rouge, where a young man tips Gracie onto her back in his lap, rendering her completely subdued.

"He medicates her and trims her nails, then tips her back to life, no blood shed.

"After having more than a dozen cats over a lifetime, I have noticed that in a cat fight the one who is tipped over onto its back is the loser.

"Also, we’ve noticed that 'tipping' a cat with a treat for obedient behavior can be a smart investment."

Hill of a note

Leslie Fogleman wonders about the old expression "What in Sam Hill?"

The "Word Detective" website says "it's an early 19th Century American euphemism for 'hell' used as an oath." 

Special People Dept.

  • Lillian Templet Bouchereau, of Donaldsonville, celebrates  her 101st birthday Saturday, Feb. 16. She shares her birthday with her brother, Kiki Templet, 98.
  • Walter and Sydney Belle Griffin celebrate their 64th anniversary Saturday, Feb. 16.
  • Joy L. and John Taylor III celebrate their 50th anniversary Friday, Feb. 15.


My Istrouma High classmate Oscar "The Box" Lofton evidently feels that saying nice things about me is a way to get published in the column.

He's right.

He says this George Washington Carver quote "causes me to think of you and your daily commentaries: 'When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.'"

Oscar adds this admonition: "Please don’t let this swell you up — remember, I played football before there were face masks."


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