Keith Horcasitas feels your pain and wants to offer solace:  

Lash and cash

The way doldrums from the Great Dome Heist have sneaked into our lives is illustrated by this comment from Thomas Murrel, of Church Point:

"I didn't think anything could get my mind off the robbery in the Super Dome, but stories of old cowboy shows have, to some degree at least.

"I was one of the biggest fans in those days. And when we talk about the color of their clothes, who can forget about Lash LaRue, all dressed in black with his guns and his whip.

"Years ago, Lash came to Opelousas, and after one of his shows, he performed whip tricks for us little boys and girls outside the old Rose Theater on Market Street.

"My favorite trick was when he had a man hold a Coke bottle in his hand and Lash popped the top off with his whip.

"Afterwards, most of us took our picture with him for a dollar. Somehow, I never got my copy in the mail as promised.

"It must have been just an oversight. I'm sure they meant to send it, but they didn't. Just like those officials at the Saints game. Just an oversight. They meant to throw their flags. They just didn't."

Men in black

After I mentioned white-hat cowboys in the movies, I heard from Tony Falterman, of Napoleonville, about some exceptions to the "good guys wear white" rule:

"Remember that Hopalong Cassidy was a good guy who wore black. He also rode a white horse, Topper.

"I’m pretty sure The Cisco Kid wore black most of the time. His horse was Diablo and Pancho’s was Loco. Neither horse was white."

Say what, Johnny?

"Cowboy movies were a staple of my Saturday afternoon diet as a young boy," says Joe Fairchild, of Thibodaux:

"We would load up our cap pistols and head for two hours of excitement and suspense, as the weekly serial always ended with your hero in dire straits, about to be eliminated by bad guys.

"Johnny Mack Brown was a favorite, and he always told the bad guys, 'I am a peaceable man!'

"For a long time, I thought he was saying, 'I am a piece of a man' — and I never could figure out why he would disclose that to his enemies."

Special People Dept.

  • Vera Mae Bryant, of Holden, celebrated her 101st birthday Thursday, Jan. 24.
  • Lowell P. Singletary, of St. Amant, celebrated his 92nd birthday Saturday, Jan. 26. He is a World War II veteran.
  • Tony Latino, of French Settlement, celebrated his 92nd birthday Jan. 11. He is a veteran of World War II and the Korean War. 
  • Sophie and Carroll Gibson celebrated their 59th anniversary Wednesday, Jan. 23.

Hats off!

Regarding our seminar on men's headgear, Mike offers this observation:

"I can think of only two places where you best take off your hat or there could be consequences — church and the barber shop."

Pay up!

Last words on the debacle, from Donald Landaiche, of Donaldsonville:

"It won't make up for a bad no-call, but I think the NFL should pay every Saints player the same amount they pay each player on the winning Super Bowl team."

Smooth operator

Oscar Lofton offers a way to deal with the ravages of aging:

"As I’ve gotten older, I have learned a good way to take care of the saggy skin and wrinkles. Just keep eating until they smooth out!"

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