Here are entries in the "Name the Superdome Sweepstakes" that don't call for corporate names but rather seek to honor famous individuals in the city and state:

Joan Hall, of Baton Rouge, was the first of many to suggest the Drew Brees (or Sean Peyton, or both) Superdome, honoring two gentleman who have had some success within the confines of the building. George Gernon IV was first to come in with the Tom Benson Superdome, while Mary Ann Diamond-Stockwell chipped in with the Manning Dome (I assume Archie, or maybe the whole New Orleans-based family).

Mark Richterman, of Baton Rouge, wants to honor a groundbreaking Louisiana chef (taking some liberties with his name: "My nomination is The Paul Prud-Dome."

Mike Bailey, of Baton Rouge, offers this bit of history: "Secretary of State Fox McKeithen said he was worried that selling naming rights to the Superdome could result in his daddy's masterpiece becoming the 'Preparation H Superdome,' so like a good son he suggested the Gov. John J. McKeithen Superdome. Perhaps we ought to reconsider now that the opportunity is there. Money isn't everything!"

Neighborhood garden

Eva Jones, of Zachary, says, "Near my house on Joliet Street in uptown New Orleans, the Garden of Eden was a very small, friendly restaurant/bar our family often walked to.

"As a child I grew up thinking this bar was famous. After all, the songwriter liked our li'l bar so much he wrote about it: 'Way down yonder in New Orleans, in the land of the dreamy scenes, there’s a Garden of Eden. …'

"I remember my daddy meeting Mayor Chep Morrison there. I was impressed when Daddy brought him and his son over to our house for us two kiddies to play together.

"The Garden of Eden was just like Cheers, where everybody knew your name!"

Which reminds me

Many years ago there was a small bar on Convention Street in Baton Rouge, the Italian Gardens, once part of a long-gone Italian restaurant.

I dropped by there after work on occasion, and once picked up a T-shirt advertising the establishment.

I happened to be wearing it one day while waiting for a streetcar in downtown New Orleans.

A little old lady came up to me and told me, "I'm very fond of your people, and I'm sure your garden is just lovely!"

I was mystified as she shuffled off, then realized she was referring to the shirt.

The dragonfly games

In sports news, this note from T.W.:

"I told my two preteen daughters a dragonfly landing on you is good luck. Little did I know it would spawn a spring tradition and competition.

"Every spring, you’ll find the three of us standing waist deep in the pool with our arms thrust up toward the sky, pointer fingers stuck out like little perches to see who can attract the first lucky dragonfly of the season.

"We keep a count of who has the most landings all summer; extra points for style and length of stay. I once had the same one land on me four different times.

"My girls are now 22 and 25, so it’s been going on for a few years. We get a lot of weird looks from pool party guests!"

Missed opportunity

Marsha R. says, "We had checked into our hotel in London after a long flight and were in the elevator, heading up to our room.

"I had the carry-on bags and my husband, wearing his usual ‘newsboy’ cap, had the two big suitcases, both hands full.

"A very well-dressed man got on the elevator and said something to my husband that seemed to disturb him. After the man got off, I asked what he had said.

"My husband said, 'You know how frosty the English can be. He told me, 'A gentleman always takes off his cap when he is in an elevator with a lady.’

"I said, 'You didn’t tell him I was no lady, I was your wife?'

"Realizing he had missed the chance of a lifetime did not make him any happier."

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