With all the hype about the LSU football team, do we really need more stories about the Tigers?

Of course we do…

Gail Stephenson, of Baton Rouge, says, "We went to Natchitoches on Dec. 28 to see the lights and fireworks. We arrived at the hotel just as the Peach Bowl kicked off.

"Granddaughter Zelda, age 5, was too rambunctious in the hotel room, so her dad told her she could make noise only when LSU scored a touchdown, as everyone else in the hotel would be making noise too.

"Little did he know he was giving her almost free license to make noise for the next hour and a half."

Year of vision

Mike Berry, of New Iberia, offers this ode to the new year:

"I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.

I can see all obstacles in my way.

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind.

It’s gonna be 20/20

All year long, every day!"

Initial reaction

Caroline Carter, of Central, says, "After my father passed away, my mom came to live with me and my family.

"Christmas was fast approaching. At the time my youngest son was still at home and in college. Mom wanted to give him a Christmas gift and asked for a suggestion.

"I told her a CD would be a good gift. Well, I no sooner got it out of my mouth when she said, 'You know how much those things cost!'

"It didn’t dawn on me until I figured out she was referring to a certificate of deposit.

"I explained the CD I was talking about was a music compact disc. We had a good laugh; she was relieved!"

Word play

Carroll Trosclair says, "When they asked Mark Ingram of the Baltimore Ravens how his leg was recuperating, he indicated he would be ready for the playoffs.

"'I'm smooth,' he said.

"Take note, Mr. Webster. Your work is never done."

Special People Dept.

  • Philip Sharp, of Covington, celebrated his 110th birthday Dec. 21.
  • Carroll Gromer, of Amber Terrace Assisted Living in Baton Rouge, celebrated her 99th birthday Dec. 25.
  • Therese Theriot, of Pierre Part, celebrated her 95th birthday Dec. 22.
  • Redina Robichaux Blanchard celebrated her 94th birthday Dec. 15.
  • J. Carrol Mallett celebrated his 90th birthday Tuesday, Dec. 31. He worked at the original Hopper's drive-in in Baton Rouge in the '50s and '60s, and later was owner of Greg’s Drive Inn on Airline Highway.
  • Betsy and Ben Alsip celebrated their 73rd anniversary Dec. 22.
  • Frank and Rosie Young celebrated their 69th anniversary Tuesday, Dec. 31. They were married in Arnaudville.
  • Chuck and Saundra Comeaux celebrated their 50th anniversary Dec. 19.

Inventive minds

Perry Snyder says the Biscuit Boys, a breakfast club that meets at Crawford's Two in Baton Rouge, recently addressed the subject of inventions they'd like to see.

Perry suggested a device to make illegal U-turns impossible.

Phil Slicker thought up "a low-voltage, long-distance stun gun for responsible drivers to use on those who text while driving."

Gary Shetler's idea was "a mandatory turn signal mechanism to be installed on all vehicles by July 1, 2020." 

Bob Keich thought up a "plaintiff lawyer inhibitor to prevent them from filing more than one suit each month." He threw in a ban on their television advertising.

Jerry Boardman likes the idea of a "pothole filler drone to eliminate this perennial threat to one's tires and front end alignment."

Says Perry, "We are looking for a patent attorney (pro bono, please) and some venture capital to make these dreams come true."

I'd like to add the invention I dream about every time I'm waiting patiently in that daily line of traffic stretching from the Interstate 10 exit to Siegen Lane: A hood-mounted rifle that would enable a driver in line to shoot out the tires of cars that try to break in.

Thought for the Day

Paula King, of Gretna, offers this new year's resolution:

"Resolve to smile as often as possible. 90 percent of the people will smile back. 10 percent of the people will wonder what you've been up to!"   

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