Gerald Wray, of Pride, says when wife Kathy asked if he was going to Mass with her the Sunday after the LSU-A&M game, "I told her that after watching the five-hour, seven overtimes game, I felt I had gone through a deeply religious experience.

"As the game drew to a close, I knelt and held Kathy's hand in prayer — for us to make a stop on defense.

"I also several times had to ask for forgiveness for the words I used after some (no, all) of the calls that didn't go the Tigers' way.

"I stood, I knelt, I sat, several times over — seven to be exact.

"I guess in the end we didn't put enough money in the offering basket (see 'Referees').

"I would say that was five hours of a very religious, soul-searching night of LSU football, equal to five Masses."

An evening with Don

Lincoln J. Harrison, former Baton Rougean and Southern University grad, is now on the journalism staff at California State University, Northridge.

He says the new movie, "Green Book," brings back fond memories.

It's based on the true story of Don Shirley, a black pianist, and the white driver with him on a 1962 concert tour through the Deep South.

Lincoln says, "I attended the real-life Don Shirley's 1962 performance at Southern University. As best I can figure, that stop at SU coincided with the tour depicted in the film.

"I was too young in 1962 to have attended the concert alone, so it is likely my parents (business school dean Lincoln J. Harrison Sr., and his educator wife Joyce) took me to the performance."  

Lincoln says Shirley had copies of his new LP, "Drown In My Own Tears." His parents bought one, which became "an aural backdrop to our family's mid-afternoon Sunday dinners.      

"I still listen to that album. His music recalls a dreamy 1962 evening on the 'Old Campus' near the river and the J.S. Clark family monuments."

Ewww! Gross!

Gail Stephenson says when granddaughter Zelda was drawing with scented markers, "she loved the pink cotton candy scent and the green mint, but declared the blue cheese scent 'disgusting!'"

This discussion of candy flavors was still on Gail's mind when she was stunned by a Sunday Advocate business section headline about "A seafood lifesaver" (a USDA grant for UL seafood industry research).

"I'll stick with wild cherry for my Life Savers," she says.

Special People Dept.

  • Lee Ella Frederic, of St. Amant, celebrates her 100th birthday on Friday, Nov. 30.
  • Hurschel Burleigh, of Luling, celebrated his 94th birthday on Nov. 18.
  • Claude Todero, of Kenner, celebrates his 92nd birthday on Friday, Nov. 30. He owns a barber shop and cuts hair five days a week.
  • Anne and Tim Cummings celebrate their 50th anniversary on Friday, Nov. 30.
  • Melba and Andrew Brenn celebrate their 50th anniversary on Friday, Nov. 30.

Love that store 

Nobey Benoit says our Sears stories reminded him of Western Auto:

"Any kid 'back in the day' who owned a bicycle bought parts there, and later bought auto parts to fix up that old car.

"I bought my first bicycle (Western Flyer) and .410 shotgun (Revelation) there."

Christmas memories

Doug Johnson, of Watson, also recalls Western Auto:

"I have a very fond memory of the Christmas when I was 13 years old.

"My father had refused to allow me to have a bike, due to an accident where a kid on a bike hit his car and died in the hospital. Although it wasn’t my father’s fault, it gave him a fear of bikes.

"Finally he relented and allowed my mother to buy a bicycle for my Christmas present. I accompanied her to a Western Auto store, where she made a down payment on their cheapest bike.

"When she went back to pay the balance and get the bike, they had sold out of that model. They had only one bike left — the top of the line.

"They let her have it at the same price of the cheaper model. I was the envy of our neighborhood!"

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