In the Wednesday column, Kirk Guidry told of a Facebook music and trivia party, and asked for appropriate songs about the current coronavirus crisis and the resulting "stay away from people" rules.

Sam Irwin obliges, asking, "What if the Beatles had written their music during the COVID-19 pandemic? It might have been 'I Wanted to Hold Your Hand,' 'I Saw Her Standing Six Feet Away Over There' and ‘Lucy in the Sky With Disinfectant.’ ”

Julie Wall suggests a less well-known song (at least by me): "Dancing With Myself" by Billy Idol.

And Tookie Hendry, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, reminds us of the health advice offered us by Big Joe Turner in his classic "Shake, Rattle and Roll:"
"Get out of that bed, wash your face and hands."

Musical cure

Robert Downing, of Baton Rouge, comments on the photo in the Wednesday Advocate showing a lone bagpiper playing outside a New Orleans nursing home for the residents quarantined inside:

"When he finishes he says, 'If you aren't better by tomorrow, I will send my friend the accordion player.'

"All the windows go up and the residents shout, 'We're well!’ ”

Playing dress-up

Melissa W., of Metairie, says, "My daughter babysits for a family with three children. She saw this post from the mother yesterday:

“'Maybe tomorrow the home-school teacher will dress up for class. Like brush her hair and put a bra on.'

"This is the new reality, Smiley."

Keep it clean

Buck Bertrand offers this helpful household hint:

"Smiley, since most of us are staying in our homes due to the coronavirus, everyone should remember to wash their hands, clean off stove knobs, faucet handles — and most important of all, the TV remote."

Better call first

"One of your correspondents recommended sending cards and notes to nursing homes," says Cathie Ryan. "Since the Lagniappe Woman's Club normally gives a monthly birthday party at a local nursing home, I called to see if we could send cards to cheer the residents — and was told, 'No.'

"They are restricting what goes to the residents, and I suspect this would add extra work to already burdened workers. Long and short, call before you do this."

A loss of toys

Ted Landaiche remembers another epidemic long ago:

"I was around 6 when I was diagnosed with diphtheria. I remember my parents wrapping me in a blanket, lying me on the back seat of our ’41 Buick, and rushing me to Our Lady of the Lake hospital in Baton Rouge. We lived in St. Gabriel at the time.

"I don’t remember feeling bad, but do remember the concern on their faces. After I recovered and was well enough to go home, I looked around for all the toys (including my favorite, a little wooden car) that people had sent me. They had been taken and destroyed.

"I was not a happy child, but thankful to be going home."

Cutting remark

Jim Byrd, of Galvez, was the first reader to offer a solution to Harvey Pashibin, who complained about wadded-up plastic wrap in the Tuesday column:

"Find plastic wrap with a slide cutter. It is a lifesaver and takes all the hassle away."

And Tommy Watts says Harvey "caught my attention with his story of frustration in his attempts to use plastic wrap. At one point, I considered slashing my wrists while dealing with the stuff.

"Just in time, I discovered a ‘Press ’n Seal’ plastic wrap. And am I glad I did.

"You may also tell him that when I solve the equally frustrating problem with rolls of tape, I will pass it along too."

Special People Dept.

Agnes Capone Rome, of Donaldsonville, celebrates her 94th birthday Saturday, March 28.

Three-bed home

Linda Whitman, of Denham Springs, says, "You know you’ve got isolation blues bad when your husband comes in from the shop with our dog and says we need to get another dog bed.

"We already have two — one in the bedroom and one in the den. Now we need one for the shop.

"Oh well, at least hubby’s not in the house underfoot."

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