Since her death, I've received many recollections about Holly Clegg, author of the "Trim and Terrific" series of cookbooks and a popular Advocate food columnist:

This one is from Olive M. Campbell, of Baton Rouge:

"I met Holly in the 1970s when I worked at Goudchaux's and she published her first cookbook with help from the Sternberg family.

"I bought her book 'In a Louisiana Kitchen,' and the best thing in it was the crawfish dip. It was divine.

"In 2016, my house and all contents were lost in the flood, so I called Holly to see if she had a copy of her first book.

"She didn't have an extra copy, and when I asked her for the crawfish dip recipe, she said, 'Olive, you need to be eating more healthy food!' and gave me the 'Trim and Terrific' recipe for the dip."

That was Holly — always trying to get us to try healthier versions of our great Louisiana cuisine. 

Ode to exes

Frank Fronczek, of Baton Rouge, says my mention of country music fans in Düsseldorf, Germany, reminded him of this story: 

"Anna Strait lives in an assisted living facility in Decatur, Texas. Musicians of all stripes (country, gospel, '40s big-band, etc.) entertain the residents there, and take requests.

"She reports that the most requested song, regardless of who is performing, is (you guessed it) the Düsseldorf favorite, 'All My Exes Live in Texas' — by Anna's son George."

After the fall

Our mention of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall brought this comment from a reader: "There was a music festival in Berlin called BID — Berlin Independence Days — in 1989, 1990 and 1991."

I wonder if they played Pink Floyd's "The Wall"?

Music men

Robert Crawford joins a recent column discussion: "I grew up from first grade on with Jack O'Neill (of O'Neill Music) and went to his funeral service.

"Ten years ago, he recorded four of his hymns at Our Lady of Mercy with the organist. They played two of the songs at his service, so he 'sang at his own funeral.'"

Robert agrees with other readers that it was piano man Benny Fruge, not Jack O'Neill, who had the lighted piano on his lawn with his Christmas decorations.

Small World Dept.

Bob Cisco says, "Growing up in New Orleans' Irish Channel was a great experience.

"Years after leaving Redemptorist and St. Alphonsus schools, we never forgot the friendships we made. We enjoyed Kingsley House recreation center, Annunciation Playground, Clay Square, and the St. Thomas housing project, which we used as a huge playground.

"There were two large, beautiful churches, St. Alphonsus and St. Mary's, directly across the street from each other. 

"While on a vacation in Gibraltar with friends, we were sitting in the rear seats of a tram when someone in our group mentioned the Irish Channel. A lady next to me said, 'I am from the Irish Channel.'

"We swapped information and found she had lived on our street, Constance Street, and played in Kingsley House. Her father was a police captain."

Special People Dept.

Eroyl and Joy Cambre, of Sunshine, celebrated their 58th anniversary Monday, Nov. 18.

A grave matter

T.W. says his dad told him this true story:

"My wife and I were visiting family gravesites in my hometown in West Virginia. When we couldn't find my mother's grave in a large cemetery, we stopped at the caretaker's office.

"Greeted by a recently hired receptionist, we were asked if we needed help.

"'Yes, we're looking for Jeannette Winter.'"

"The receptionist thought for a second, then said, 'I don't think she's here right now. Would you care to leave a message?'"

Payment due?

T.W. says about the story above:

"My dad submitted this to Reader’s Digest (it didn’t make the cut) and reminded me that they pay $100 for original jokes and anecdotes. By my count, you owe me about $1,300 for doing your job over the years."

T.W., I'll have my financial people look over this matter and get back with you. Soon. Trust me. ...)  

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