While this column normally devotes its space to searching analyses of Major World Issues, on occasion our readers swerve off into silliness. This is one such occasion: 

Russ Kercher, of Mandeville, says, "It's a shame that our weather forecasters lack your wit.

"Otherwise they would have chosen the name 'Ginger' instead of 'Grace' for our latest storm.

"Think of the fun they could have had by reporting that Fred was dancing through the Gulf of Mexico, followed closely by Ginger!"

Those crazy Kahoons!

Robert Day tells this language story:

"My brother, Dr. John Day, likes to tell this story about driving with some graduate students through Mexico on the way to a marine research station on the Bay of Campeche.

"The car was owned by a student from UL (then USL), and had the obligatory 'Ragin' Cajun' sticker on the rear window.

"He says that everywhere, when they were driving slow or stopped, they could see the Mexicans mouthing, 'Raheen Kahoon? Que es Raheen Kahoon?'"

Language lesson

Bo Bienvenu, of Prairieville, says, "When doing service work in Brazil, I enjoyed interacting with my contacts, teaching each other a little of our respective languages.

"One trip I was in a hurry to finish and was interrupted by rain. I looked up and said, 'Chicken expletive!'

"After the rain stopped, we resumed work. With clouds returning and thunder sounding, my contact pointed up and said, 'Looks like chicken expletive!'

"We both had a good laugh at my visual explanation of my term."

Bo, I assume you are using the word "expletive" to shield the delicate sensibilities of our gentle readers from the actual, shorter word you more than likely uttered in reality. Am I correct? 

Students at work

After I told of my adventures with British sports cars, I heard from Tony Falterman, of Napoleonville, with his:

"The submission about the Austin-Healey Sprite reminded me of one of my ventures while in LSU Law School.

"After my freshman year, the Law Dorm was condemned and my new home became Pentagon Barracks.

"After a couple of days there, I met a freshman law student who had an MG Midget that needed some repairs on the engine.

"We removed the engine in the parking lot, carried it up to his second-floor room, and converted the empty bed in his room to an engine stand.

"An overhaul was completed, the engine carried down and placed in the Midget, and he was on his way! We didn’t have time to open a shop.

"I’m pretty sure if we had been caught, the infraction would have been costly."

Curved and narrow

Speaking of little British sports cars, Bill Huey, of Baton Rouge, says, "I think we tend to forget that those cars were made to go on lanes only about as wide as a driveway, if that. I was terrified driving in England, especially on curves."

Geaux figure

Dudley "T-Dud" Lehew, of Marrero, says, "Re: The current reader examples of the substitution of 'eaux' for the 'o' in our language — could there, just perhaps, be a Boudreaux or Robicheaux somewhere in our deepest swamps who greets each day with strong coffee while he reads your column in his Adveauxcate?'"

Special People Dept.

  • Jim and Alice Skelly, of Pearl River, Mississippi, "by way of New Orleans, Kenner and Metairie," celebrate their 61st anniversary Thursday, Aug. 19.
  • Connie and Mike Leonard, of Prairieville, celebrate their 54th anniversary Thursday, Aug. 19.

Resurrection blues

Elizabeth Honeycutt, of Dallas, Texas, says, "I saw the article online titled 'Life After Five' in Baton Rouge being postponed indefinitely, and thought maybe they had changed the name from 'Live After Five.'

"Then I read the article and realized it must have been a typo. Reminds me of what my boss Don Reulet used to say: 'If you don't believe the dead come back to life, stick around till closing time.'" 

Which reminds me

I once heard the manager of a small office say his parking lot at 5:01 p.m. resembled the deck of an aircraft carrier when the planes take off for battle. 

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