I can't say I'm surprised by Jeff Robert's story:

"Our family name is Robert (pronounced 'Row Bear'). We are huge LSU fans, so LSU’s win over Bama Saturday was the topper for our only child’s wedding celebration.

"Sunday morning, in honor of this historic victory, our son and his new bride announced they would name their first born 'Joe Bur-Robert,' whether it’s a boy or girl!"

Tigers and Saints, oh my

Bill Bozzelle, of Baton Rouge, comments on my warning about hubris among LSU fans:

"While your advice to fans may be well taken, I do not believe Coach O nor any of the players are practicing that mindset. I see them well grounded and ready to 'run the table.'

"I do believe you were on target concerning the Saints' miserable showing against the Dirty Birds. The Saints had indeed reached a point of hubris, believing themselves to be unbeatable."

What you say, cher?

Art Ordoyne, of Denham Springs, is a native of Chackbay, where he developed linguistic skills used to keep telemarketers at bay:

"I answer telemarketers by saying 'eh.' As the caller begins to speak I respond in my best Cajun accent, 'Je parle pas anglais.'

"The caller generally hangs up. However, one caller offered to find an interpreter — then hung up."

Speaking of irritants

David Guedry, of Prairieville, says, "I bought a new 'smart TV,' but it's not so smart.

"Told it I early voted; it still shows political ads. Told it I was not in an accident; it still shows lawyer commercials. Told it I didn't like salespeople yelling at me; it still shows car dealer and furniture store commercials.

"The mute button is getting lots of use!"

Riding high

More on camel riding, from Russ Wise, of LaPlace:

"On the way back from Tibet, my brother and I stopped for a few days in Qatar. About the only thing to do there is riding camels in the desert.

"I can tell you personally, they are not comfortable means of transportation.

"We have both ridden camels before in other places, and kind of enjoyed the back and forth swaying. But maybe this is a different model of camel, or the saddles were all wrong.

"Whatever it was, it wasn’t the fun trip we were expecting it to be. (By the way, they have always been one-hump camels.)" 

Historic moment

Larry Greenblatt offers "a tad more on Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri," mentioned in Thursday's column as home of a Berlin Wall memorial and the National Churchill Museum:

"This is the location where Winston Churchill gave a speech in 1946 and first used the phrase 'Iron Curtain.'"

Motorcycles and music

Earl Newman says, "I think a shout out in your column would be appreciated by all those Baton Rouge residents whose lives were touched in knowing two recently deceased stellar members of our community — George N. Gonzales (G.N. Gonzales motorcycles) and John J. ‘Jack’ O’Neill (O’Neill’s Music House).

"I purchased a motorcycle from G.N. Gonzales when I got out of the Navy in 1966 and I lived at the Penthouse Apartments directly across from his establishment on North Third Street, before he expanded to the Chippewa location.

"And who can forget the piano playing mechanical Santa Claus in the O’Neill’s front yard on Sherwood Forest Boulevard?"

Special People Dept.

Benny Pentes celebrated his 92nd birthday Wednesday, Nov. 13. He is a Navy veteran.

Seeking warmth

Keith Horcasitas says when Jay Grymes, meteorologist at Baton Rouge's WAFB-TV, "noted that the 24 degrees Wednesday morning was the earliest recorded temperature ever for that day, I was reminded that Mike Graham, former WAFB meteorologist, would have noted that it was the earliest 'Cuddle Alert' ever!"

(Not that we experienced cuddlers need a reminder.) 


Bill Huey tells this dining-out story:

"After ordering lobster bisque at a restaurant recently, the manager came to my table to say he was sorry, but the kitchen was out of lobster bisque. Would I like to order another appetizer — compliments of the house?

"So I ordered the calamari. It was a pretty good squid pro quo."

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