Marsha R., of Baton Rouge, titles this story, "Just like the South," and I have to agree with her:

"My friend Daniel Caro is a chemical engineering graduate student at LSU. He is from Colombia, and he says this is the saying in his country:

"'Everyone is brave until the roach flies.'"

Coffee memories

Tim Palmer, of Lafayette, says, "I recall my parents drinking Morning Treat coffee, in a yellow bag, many years ago.

"I remember seeing 'Morning Treat' painted on the side of at least one old building — I think it was in the Galvez/Prairieville area." 

Which reminds me

Morning Treat was a Baton Rouge coffee that for many years shared the market with Community.

Back in the '70s, when I was still engaged in honest work (I was a business reporter for The Morning Advocate and the State-Times), I interviewed Sam Gallo, who was running the company at that time, about a "coffee bag" product (like tea bags) the company had started marketing.

Then, in 2004 or so, Sam asked me to edit the notes of his late father-in-law, Stanley Heine, who had been Morning Treat's sales manager, and wrote brief daily notes to motivate him and his sales staff.

The notes were put together in a book: "Sell, Sell, Sell: A Daily Prescription to Successful Sales."

Sam was kind enough to give me credit for the book, but the words are all Stanley Heine's.

Grind your own

Speaking of coffee, "Atchafalaya" has this memory:

"My grandmother would send this barefoot boy to the country grocery store, where the roasted beans (in bulk with no brand name) were weighed. A pound was poured into a brown paper bag, tied with string.

"At home, Grandmother had a hand-cranked coffee bean grinder, and would grind just enough for one small drip pot.

"Hot water would be slowly poured over the coffee grounds. The coffee was served in demitasse cups. Cream was spooned from the top of the glass milk bottle that was delivered to the house."      

Reason to smile 

Bobbie Spencer, of Lafayette, says, "On Monday's 'Jeopardy,' Alex Trebek asked the contestants to identify the antonym for the word 'SMILEY.'

"Possibly the smartest contestant 'Jeopardy' has ever had identified that antonym as 'FROWNY.'

"At the end of that day's competition, that contestant's brainpower had allowed him to win $89,229 in his 23rd day on the quiz show."

Thank-you note

Paul Vincent says the folks at Miracle League at Cypress Mounds, a Baton Rouge-based baseball league for special needs children, "thank the 125 volunteers who made our spring baseball season a success for the 106 players."

Paul says he'd been a volunteer since he retired in 2015.

"To see the smiles on the players' faces is priceless. Our motto is, 'Every child deserves a chance to play baseball.'

"We have a spring and fall league. It is good for service hours for high school kids. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved." 

Glory years

Charles J. Corona, of Harahan, a 1960 graduate of De La Salle High in New Orleans, adds to recent comments about the school's athletes:

"In our sophomore year, we won state championships in baseball and basketball and were co-champs in the New Orleans Catholic League in football. In our junior year we repeated as state champs in baseball and won our third straight basketball championship." 

That's unbearable!

Doug Johnson, of Watson, noticed that we've used a couple of bad bear jokes in recent columns.

So he offers possibly the world's worst bear joke:

"Two men, one from England and the other from Czechoslovakia, were visiting the Alaskan wilderness when they were chased up a tree by a mama bear and a papa bear.

"The guy from Czechoslovakia lost his grip and fell to the ground, where he was immediately consumed by the papa bear.

"A cellphone call brought help quickly for the Englishman, and the bears were killed.

“'Didn’t you have a friend with you?' the responders asked.

“'Yes, the Czech is in the male.'”

(Doug gives us permission to groan — but that wasn't really necessary. …) 

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