Everett Powers says, "Your seminar on armadillos reminds me:

"I was news editor at the Galveston Daily News and dating a girl in Austin.

"One weekend she invited me to the Second First Annual International Armadillo Confab and Exposition in Victoria, Texas.

"Among the festival highlights were the World Championship Armadillo Races, the Miss Vacant Lot of the World Contest, and the Armadillo Beauty Pageant, featuring the creatures adorned with colorful sequins and modeling false eyelashes. It was a hoot!

"For the brave at heart, there were various armadillo concoctions to sample as well. My best recollection is that they all tasted like chicken."

Possum whisperer

Mary Ann Rumore says, "The story about the armadillo reminded me of my experience with a small wild animal.

"One night around 11, after I let my three dogs out for a late-night break, they were barking unusually loud, sounding frantic.

"Not wanting them to bother my neighbors, I went out to see what the excitement was about. The three were standing over an opossum that appeared to be dead. I brought all three inside; then I went out to look at the poor little fella. I felt really bad for the lifeless opossum.

"I told the little one I was sorry my pets had killed him. Looking at the lifeless body, I told him I would give him a proper burial when it was daylight.

"At that very moment I had the realization I was speaking to a opossum.

"There was no blood or puncture wounds, so I went inside and waited about 10 minutes. I went back out and he was gone.

"When I was telling my nephew the story, he said that opossum was thinking, 'This lady is crazy; she wants to bury me alive.'

"Then, of course, he got up and continued with his nightly run."

Super Bunny

Kathy Stewart says, "Since I have been reading all about the VW Beetle, I thought I would remind you of the VW Rabbit, a small diesel that got unheard-of gas mileage at that time.

"One Saturday afternoon I got a call from one of my sailboat customers, who said his 36-foot catamaran sailboat was taking on water down in Venice. He needed me to bring him the catamaran trailer as soon as possible.

"I hooked up the trailer (almost twice as long as my Rabbit) and off I went. I prayed I could make it over the Lapalco bridge and several others.

"It was dusk by the time I got there. I missed my turn, and on a two-lane road with no shoulder, too narrow to turn around, I unhooked the trailer, turned it around, then turned the Rabbit around and hooked the trailer back.

"I made it in time for the skipper to load the catamaran on the trailer, which he hooked to his big truck.

"The Rabbit was a lot easier to drive home without that heavy trailer on the back. What a vehicle!"

Special People Dept.

  • Claudine Truett celebrates her 90th birthday Thursday, Oct. 10. Her party is planned for Sunday afternoon.
  • Audrey and Lucien Cambre, both residents of the VA Hospital in Reserve, celebrate 75 years of marriage Thursday, Oct. 10.
  • Ronald and Vera Landry, of Belle Rose, celebrate their 60th anniversary Thursday, Oct. 10.
  • Robert and Peggy Boudreaux, of Napoleonville, celebrate 60 years of marriage Thursday, Oct. 10.
  • Paul and Barbara Schexnayder, of Lutcher, celebrates 60 years of marriage Thursday, Oct. 10.
  • Wanda and Joe Zeringue, of Pearl River, celebrate their 55th anniversary Thursday, Oct. 10.

Thought for the Day

David Stoker, of Baton Rouge, says, "It's the time of year when we remember that families are kinda like fudge: mostly sweet and full of nuts."

Election blues

Anonymous says, "During the next election cycle, I am going to keep a tally of who the calls support.

"I will then vote for the candidate from whom I receive the fewest calls.

"If others join me in this campaign, maybe in an election cycle or two we can reduce the number of calls we receive."  

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