Dear Smiley: Last week I called my doctor's office to make an appointment to have my eyes checked.

I was asked the current questions: Do I have COVID, do I have a fever, etc.?

The reason I thought this was so unusual is because I was making an appointment for January 2022.

I wonder if we will ever get back to the point where the only questions will be, "Do you want morning or afternoon?"



Lost loop

Dear Smiley: Recently one of your readers asked why Baton Rouge did not have a highway loop around the city.

The answer; no foresight.

About eight years ago, I drove to El Paso, Texas, to visit my parents. As I was entering the city on Interstate 10, I noticed an off-ramp for a new highway loop.

As my parents live on the north side of the city, I decided to take this loop. It took 30 minutes off my drive to my parents' home.

I asked my dad about it, and he said the planners had enough foresight to realize that though the loop is not heavily traveled now, it will be in the future.

As the loop runs through federal property, Fort Bliss, the federal government was all in, because the loop also provides Fort Bliss easier access to moving troops and vehicles in and out of the base. Foresight.


Baton Rouge

Ride with Gruber

Dear Smiley: I look forward to reading your column and the funnies every morning, but sometimes the weather interrupts.

On rainy mornings I sometimes get a call requesting a ride to school. The three older grandchildren don't like waiting for the school bus in the rain.

I am not only Grandpa, but their Uber driver: Grandpa Uber, aka Gruber. Retirement is fun.



Party Central

Dear Smiley: Seeing the story of actor John Schneider buying a caboose reminds me of the time my cousin and her husband bought a first-class Pullman car, cut it in half and moved it to their weekend property in Husser.

No small feat in itself!

There they mounted the two halves on a slab about 20 feet apart and connected the open ends to their existing house.

This gave them 10 extra guest bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.

Many great memories were made there.

It was a great weekend party palace!


New Orleans

Horsing around

Dear Smiley: Part of my scaled-down country upbringing just outside Marksville included my parents' purchase of a palomino mare.

Since my mother was born and raised in Georgia, she named the horse “Peaches."

When Peaches was bred and produced a colt, she named the colt “Stone.”

Now you know how I got my sense of humor.



Wrenching experience

Dear Smiley: The death of LSU law professor Bill Crawford brought back memories of the products liability course I took with him in 1983.

We were discussing a case involving a pipe wrench when he remarked, “You ladies might not know what that is.”

My husband Joe was a sales rep for Black & Decker’s industrial division, and from one of his customers he had acquired a calendar of swimsuit models posing with products made by the Ridgid tool manufacturer.

One month featured a model standing with a 60-inch pipe wrench. I swiped that page of the calendar and took it to Professor Crawford to show him that some ladies were indeed familiar with pipe wrenches.

It was still hanging in his office when I graduated a year later.


Baton Rouge

Remember that?

Dear Smiley: I keep reading about people’s memories. I don’t want to brag, but even after three quarters of a century, my memory is so good I can remember things that never happened.



Dear Bo: With that attribute, you may well have a future in national politics…

You like dat?

Dear Smiley: I propose changing the name of Lee Circle to “D” Circle. Simply place a large D on top of the pedestal.

No controversy, and a little bit of fun when it comes to giving directions.

"Just go down to D Circle."

"You mean THE circle?"

"No, D Circle!"



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