Diane T. Martin, of Morgan City, says, "I had a dear cousin who grew up fishing the bayous, hunting alligators and working hard his whole life.

"For relaxation, he loved watching wrestling on TV and believed in it thoroughly. Some of the family used to laugh about the maneuvers that took place in the ring on the mat, but Cousin Michel would argue that it was all 'on the up 'n' up.'

"However, he didn’t believe everything he saw on TV. When a rocket landed on the moon and the astronauts walked on its surface, Cousin Michel said, 'That’s all made up for TV; it even looks fake. Y’all don’t believe rasseling is real, but you believe that junk.'"

Which reminds me

Years ago in Baton Rouge, wrestling matches at the Teamsters Hall were a popular form of entertainment, with many devoted fans.

Two such fans were waitresses at the Krispy Kreme on Plank Road.

I was having coffee and doughnuts there one morning while they went on to each other about the great matches they had seen the night before; about what a mean guy the villain was and how they had a crush on the hero and would like to — well, get to know him.

A guy sitting down the counter from me overheard them and snorted in derision:

"All that wrestling is fake. It's just a show."

The waitresses looked at him as if he had some contagious disease.

"It ain't fake," one of them told him. "Them guys bleed when they hit each other. They're athletes."

Then they both turned their backs on him.

He kept trying to get a refill for his coffee, to no avail. He was dead to them.

Finally the poor guy left some money on the counter and shuffled off, mumbling to himself.

Perfect candidate

Marlene Colter came across a July 1999 column item from her late husband, Leroy, my classmate at the old J-School (LSU's School of Journalism). She says it shows Louisiana politics doesn't really change all that much over the years.

It's titled "See how they run." Leroy, getting ready for the upcoming 1999 elections, said back then:

"You might be qualified to be a Louisiana political candidate if:

"You think a head football coach should make more than a college president.

"You don't like to tell lawyer jokes.

"You think the party line is something you stand in while waiting for a drink.

"You think the Beer Industry League is an athletic conference.

"You think the Gun Lobby is in the Monteleone Hotel.

"You believe an interstate system between Ville Platte and Winnfield is a good idea.

"You think the phrase 'No More Taxes' is what Santa Anna's men shouted at the Alamo."        

Little too casual

Ernie Gremillion's Tuesday story about the dangers of wearing your old clothes outside the house got this reaction from Mary Aucoin, of New Orleans: 

"My husband, C.J., after reading the article, told me he had a similar situation.

"He was walking to the gym one morning (unshaven, I might add), carrying his tote with his gym clothes, towel, etc., when one of the homeless men asked him, 'What is Ozanam Inn (a shelter for homeless men on Camp Street) serving for lunch?'"

Special People Dept.

  • Jonny and Lou Ann Vickers, of Baton Rouge, celebrate 60 years of marriage Thursday, Aug. 1. They married in Mount Pleasant, Texas, and moved to Baton Rouge in 1967.
  • Rhealinda and Howard Johnson, of New Castle, Delaware, formerly of New Orleans, celebrated their 50th anniversary July 11. They will be in New Orleans in August to mark the occasion with family and friends.

Close shave

Pat Stroughter, of Zachary, says, "My husband wears his hat all the time. I guess our 4-year-old great-granddaughter, Lillie, has never seen him without a hat on.

"A few days ago, Lillie came over to visit us. PaPa came into our living room without his ball cap.

"She looked at me and said, 'Nanny, I see you cut PaPa's hair; but why did you shave it all up on the top?'"  

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