The upcoming Super Bowl is special for Mary Louise Prudhomme, bringing back some great memories:

"It was 50 years ago when two LSU All-Americans played in Super Bowl IV for the Kansas City Chiefs in New Orleans' Tulane Stadium.

"Johnny Robinson (playing safety) was looking great, as always, even though he was sporting broken ribs and held his stomach in obvious pain, but not skipping a beat.

"Remi Prudhomme (Mary Louise's late husband), meanwhile, was charging down the field sounding like a herd of buffalo to prevent a punt return, grabbing the ball after a Vikings fumble to set up Kansas City’s only touchdown of the first half!

"The favored Minnesota Vikings (of the NFL) would fall to the Kansas City Chiefs (of the AFL) 23-7. Super Bowl IV closed the books on the AFL, for the two leagues would become one."

She adds that it was a chilly, damp day, and "the halftime show, replicating Andrew Jackson’s Battle of New Orleans, fired off weapons that produced a fog covering the field — you couldn’t see the stands, the players, each other — causing a very long halftime delay to fight off the fog. To top it off, a hot-air balloon lifted only enough to fall into the stands.

"Coach Hank Stram, the creative genius of the Chiefs, announced after the game in the very silent locker room, 'Remember, you are champions of the world. Handle yourself with poise and confidence.' These words were inscribed on their Super Bowl rings."

Wardrobe consultant

Kathy Stewart says, "Our son Jeffrey is a radiology tech in Florida. His uniform is a matched set of either gray or black scrubs.

"His morning routine is to get up, let the dog out and get dressed for work, letting his wife sleep late.

"Normally the dog barks one time to come in. On this particular morning, the dog came in and continued to bark.

"Jeffrey finally gave up and went on to work. He noticed a few stares from his co-workers, but continued his activities.

"Later in the morning he passed by a mirror and noticed, to his surprise, his uniform was mismatched — a gray top and black pants.

"Apparently the dog knew he was not dressed properly, but he did not. So from now on, he gets the dog’s approval before he leaves for work. Some smart dog."

Draw one

Our Dixie Beer memories brought this one from Sal Suer, of New Orleans:

"I am so happy the Dixie brewery is back, and I'm looking forward to visiting the new location.

"I have good memories about the brewery on Tulane Avenue. Years ago my good friend, the late Joe Loria, who was like a brother to me, invited me to the brewery.

"He was working at the old brewery, delivering beer to various outlets. Several times he invited me inside the brewery, where the huge vats contained the beer.

"You have never enjoyed beer so much unless you try it this way. I remember him giving me a taste from the spigot several times, and you cannot believe the enjoyment you get from these large containers — the coldest, and I must say, the best beer then available.

"I still am a great fan of Dixie, and only hope that additional places would start handling the draft beer that Dixie puts out."

Inquiring Minds Dept.

Opening of a Drago's in Baton Rouge brings up this: Is it pronounced "Dray-go's" or "Drah-go's?" I've heard it both ways…

Special People Dept.

  • Dr. Bill Hillman, of Thibodaux, celebrates his 90th birthday Thursday, Jan. 30.
  • Fay and Wayne Weilbaecher, of Covington, celebrate their 60th anniversary Thursday, Jan. 30.
  • Allen and Barbara Crochet celebrate their 60th anniversary Thursday, Jan. 30.

Forgive her

Our Wednesday discussion of exceptionally corny jokes caused Paula King, of Gretna, to inflict this one on us:

"Why do ducks have flat feet? To stomp out forest fires. Why do elephants have flat feet? To stomp out flaming ducks."

She adds, "Couldn’t resist!"

You need to work on your resistance, dear… 

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