As I perused the Wednesday Advocate's photos of Hurricane Sally's near-miss in Louisiana, I came across a scene by photographer Chris Granger that has to be the most Louisiana image ever.

It's from Salt Bayou, near Slidell, and shows Cameron Fogg sitting next to his crab traps in about a foot of floodwater, wearing his white rubber shrimper's boots and drinking beer with a couple of friends.

That says it all.

Say what?

"Another contribution for your mispronounced Louisiana names file," says Thomas Brown, of Baton Rouge:

"Some years back, while on a family vacation, we were traveling west on Interstate 10.

"As we drove along, just past Lafayette, my younger brother needed a restroom. He asked, ‘Can we stop at Evan gah leene?’

"There was a pause — no one knew what or where 'Evan gah leene' was.

"Then he pointed out the approaching sign. Evangeline was the next exit!

"Evangeline has been 'Evan gah leene' in our family ever since. Has a nice ring to it. …"

God knows who

"We have a radio station in Lafayette that gives a short news break on the hour and half-hour," says Huey P. Mitchell, of Carencro.

"Three times one day I heard the broadcaster talk about a Bishop De Sottles. I figured out he was talking about our Bishop Deshotel."

Workplace blues

"This joke was going around years ago when I first got out of college," says Ernie Gremillion, of Baton Rouge.

"A call came into the receptionist for a large firm asking for Mr. Sexhauer.

"The receptionist was not aware of anyone in the company by that name, and so advised the caller.

"He responded, 'Are you saying you don't have a Sexhauer there?'

"The receptionist replied, 'Mister, at this company we don't even have a coffee hour.’ ”

Appearance deceives

"My 6-year-old granddaughter, Juliana Reed, never ceases to amaze," says Warren Byrd, of Baton Rouge.

"Juliana is in first grade at FLAIM (Foreign Language Academic Immersion Magnet) here in Baton Rouge.

"Of course, FLAIM is using virtual learning. With working parents, the grandparents have become teachers.

"Last week, Juliana was into her virtual mathematics class. Her paternal grandmother, Nanna, thought Juliana was distracted.

"Nanna scolded Juliana, telling her that she did not look like she was paying attention and, if the teacher called on her, she would not know the answer and would get an F.

"Lo and behold, that very instant the teacher did call on Juliana to answer the next math problem. But Juliana answered the math problem correctly and got 100.

"As the teacher went on to another student, Juliana turned smugly to Nanna and said. 'Nanna, I’m smarter than I look.’ ”

Canine royalty

Cheryl Adams, of Baker, says, "Here is my 'unusual dog name' story:

"My female Maltese is named Queen Nandi (Nahn Dee), after Chaka Zulu’s mother, so it naturally followed that I would name the male King T’Challa, in honor of Chadwick Boseman’s spectacular super hero!

"Royalty reigns at my house, while I am but a humble servant!"

(And now you know how every cat owner feels. …)

Special People Dept.

  • Myrle Hebert Ostergren, of Plaquemine, celebrates her 105th birthday Sunday, Sept. 20.
  • Oneil J. Williams Sr., of Metairie, celebrates his 97th birthday Friday, Sept. 18.
  • Natalie Heard Elbourne, of Baton Rouge, celebrates her 96th birthday Friday, Sept. 18.
  • Juanita F. Perret, of Edgard, celebrates her 95th birthday Friday, Sept. 18. She was postmaster for over 50 years in Edgard and Vacherie. (When self-adhesive stamps came out, one of her customers asked for some stamps "that were already licked.")
  • Mary Lee Wilson, of Clinton, celebrates her 92nd birthday Saturday, Sept. 19.
  • Marie Boudreaux, of Donaldsonville, celebrates her 90th birthday Sunday, Sept. 20.
  • Russel and Mary Margaret Kliebert, of St. Amant, celebrate their 50th anniversary Friday, Sept. 18.
  • Morrison and Barbara Perera LeBlanc, of Belle River, celebrate their 50th anniversary Saturday, Sept. 19.

Cold comfort

Joan Winn, of Baton Rouge, says, "A while back my husband Elmer and I, driving through Lafayette, saw a sign that read, 'If 2020 was an ice cream flavor, it would be broccoli.’ ”    

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