Michell Smith tells of a thoroughly modern view of divine wisdom:

"My 6-year-old twin grandsons were having a serious discussion at the dinner table last week.

"As sometimes happens when siblings are discussing something, the older twin, exasperated, told his brother, 'You don’t know EVERYTHING … only God and Google do!’ ”

Famous Red Dragon

Chris Maxwell is a happy guy these days.

His Red Dragon Listening Room, a Baton Rouge musical institution, was singled out in the Nov. 14 Newsweek magazine as one of the "music meccas around the world you need to visit."

The home of acoustic music shows, it was mentioned along with venues in Kingston, Jamaica; Bogota, Colombia; St. John's, Canada; Glasgow, Scotland, and a few others.

The article, by Laura Powers, says, "Often overlooked for neighboring New Orleans' Bourbon Street, Baton Rouge is a haven for local and traveling artists.

"This Louisiana city is known for nonprofit 'listening rooms,' where musicians make their money through 'chair donations' from the audience. At the Red Dragon Listening Room, donations support the talent and visitors are encouraged to bring canned goods for a local food bank."

Thankful for pasta

As Thanksgiving nears, I should pay tribute to the genius of Calvin Trillin, the author and New Yorker magazine regular, who has long waged a campaign to replace our traditional (but bland) turkey with spaghetti carbonara, a deceptively simple-sounding dish of pasta, eggs, cheese, cured pork (prosciutto, bacon, etc.) and black pepper.

It has many versions (a New York Times article quotes an Italian food historian as saying there are "at least 400" varieties of the dish), but all of them, I maintain, are tastier than that big bird.

Candy cures the blues

When B. Raymond, of Baton Rouge, saw Boy Scouts in front of a grocery store selling discount cards to raise funds, he noticed one young Scout with tears in his eyes.

A lady with the Scouts told him the lad was "upset about something." So he took the tearful boy grocery shopping with him:

"As we proceeded down the aisles, I questioned if there was anything he would like. He never chose a single item, until we reached the Halloween candy. He picked up a bag of assorted candies, and I nodded my approval.

"After I checked out, he followed me outside and transferred the groceries to my car.

"I thanked him. I feel I made the day a little better for this young man. He certainly made the day a little better for the young man in this 81-year-old man!"

Special People Dept.

  • Aaron Methe, of Slidell, celebrates his 98th birthday Tuesday, Nov. 26. A World War II veteran, he was stationed at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed on Dec. 7, 1941, and was aboard the Navy cruiser Chicago in 1944 when it was torpedoed and sank. He was then assigned to the carrier USS San Jacinto, where he met George H.W. Bush, then a young ensign. Originally from New Orleans, Aaron moved to Slidell after Hurricane Katrina.
  • Bill and Aline Collins, of Old Jefferson in Jefferson Parish, celebrate their 70th anniversary Tuesday, Nov. 26. 

No network needed

Perry Snyder, of Baton Rouge, says, "I am told I am the last person in the continental United States to have Facebook.

"The only reason I want it is to sell stuff on Facebook Marketplace, like golf clubs that no longer work."

After Perry got son Scott to set up his Facebook, Scott told him, "I can show you how to put things on Facebook Marketplace. Mom can tell you how to find friends."    

When Perry told me this, he added, "I forgot to tell Scott I am not interested in the social aspect of Facebook. It appears the lad thinks I need his mom's help to 'find friends.' Hey, I wasn't voted 'Most Popular' in high school, but I like to think that over my 76 years I've done a fair to middling job of finding friends on my own."

(Welcome to Facebook, Perry. Hope you enjoy "cute kittens" photos.) 

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