Dudley Lehew, of Marrero, discusses regional language barriers:

"I often watch some TV shows with the closed captions system on and the audio off.

"It's especially fun when I watch 'Nightwatch,' a series featuring New Orleans EMT teams at work.

"One day I noticed Nightwatch often flashed 'Undistinguished Chatter' on the screen instead of what was actually being said.

"So, I turned the sound on and was puzzled about the 'undistinguished chatter' — because I understood every word. Maybe it was because the rescue team was assisting a couple of injured Cajuns!"

Siri's slang

Mike McCumsey, of Denham Springs, says of our report that Siri answered a "Thank you" with "No sweat:"

"I am very impressed with Siri’s response. At least she didn’t say 'No problem.'”

Ancient Music Dept.

Mariano Hinojosa has another story about those robotic devices that are starting to dominate our lives:

"Recently my son Mark was asked by his 6-year-old daughter Gabby to explain a 'jukebox.'

"He said, 'Before there was 'OK Google,' people put money into a machine to hear their favorite songs.

"Gabby's first question: 'Was this before Siri?'"

Hole truth, Part 2

As you might recall, our investigative reporters have been looking into claims of a hole-in-one by our editor, Peter Kovacs, on a Baton Rouge golf course.

We have now heard from the witness to this feat, so it appears to have been a valid claim and our investigation can be terminated.

Turns out the witness is professional-in-residence at LSU's Manship School of Mass Communication (and, as it turns out, something of a minor poet). He tells us:

"Call off your investigators!

"It is I, Len Apcar, the witness in the pack, when the Mighty Kovacs did hit his newsy whack.

"The day had shown bright; a gleam across the green. But 'twas no match for the would-be Ace of ol' Webb's perplexing Hole 15.

"The Mighty Kovacs set the tee, his nine iron well in grasp. He took his swing and in an instant I surely must have gasped!

"Bounce, bounce; roll, roll; the fun had just begun! But it wasn't long before I did swear, The Mighty Kovacs had a hole-in-one!" 

Love that Corvair

Our series on bad cars brought a defense from David Palmisano, of Marrero, regarding the Chevrolet Covair, a rear-engine vehicle panned as dangerous by Ralph Nader in "Unsafe at Any Speed."

Says David: "In 1967, prior to my junior year in high school, I purchased a 1964 Corvair for $750. I joined the Air Force after graduation, and was assigned to tech school at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi."

He says since he had the only car in his barracks, he hauled fellow airmen to New Orleans and back regularly.

"Before I went overseas, I had to sell my Corvair. After nearly three years of maintenance free, constant use, I sold my baby for $700. Not a bad investment!"

Engine missing

The above story reminds me of a co-worker at a PR job I once had who bought a new Corvair. As we were leaving the office for the day, she came back in and told us her car wouldn't start.

Some of us went out and opened the engine compartment, and found the engine was missing. Well, not exactly missing, but on the ground. Seems the bolts holding it on the frame had shaken loose.

It rather shook my confidence in that model…

Special People Dept.

Dolores Turowski, of Walker, celebrates her 93rd birthday Monday, April 12. She is a native of Waukegan, Illinois. Daughter Eileen Taylor says during the August 2016 flood in the Walker area, "she was quite the sport, being carried out in her wheelchair to the Cajun Navy boat."

Copying cat

Chuck Willis, of Shelbyville, Kentucky, says the Friday story about exam copying reminds him of this tale:

"Our English teacher gave the class clown a big fat '0' on a test. He asked the teacher why, and was told he had cheated.

"Teacher said that for question No. 14, his neighbor had put 'I don’t know' and the clown had put 'Me either.'”

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