Cathy Brouillette says, "A recent correction in The Advocate changed 18 teaspoons of pepper to ⅛ teaspoon. I can relate.

"Thanksgiving with my family can’t be celebrated without my being teased about putting 16 ounces of chocolate chips in a Derby Pie. It turned out very rich.

"The recipe was read to me over the phone by my mom as needing 'one 6-ounce bag.' I wrote '1 6 oz.'

"In my defense, stores don’t sell chocolate chips in 6-ounce bags."

True; the bags of chocolate chips in our household are 10 ounces. Not that we keep lots of chocolate around … really. Trust me.

Initial reaction

Mike says, "My late father-in-law, Warren Weilbaecher, was a Jesuit High graduate.

"He told about one of his quick-witted fellow students. Instead of putting the abbreviation 'A.M.D.G.' (Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam, the Jesuits' Latin motto, meaning 'For the greater glory of God') required at the top of all tests, this student put L.S.M.F.T. (Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco), the advertising slogan for Lucky Strike cigarettes.

"When called for an explanation by the teacher, who did pay attention to such things, the student quickly blurted out that it meant 'Lord and Savior My First Thought.'

"Though the teacher knew better, he had no response.

"Warren said that student went on to a distinguished career as a trial lawyer — which made good use of his ability to think quickly."

Dangerous holiday

Stories of fiery Christmas trees jogged some readers' memories about other such mishaps:

  • Mary Vince says, "The birthday candle Christmas tree story reminded me of the time my sister and I stapled the Christmas lights to the front door frame.

"My dad jumped from his chair when we plugged them in, and the popping that sounded like firecrackers started. The door frame was charred in several places."

  • James B. Hébert, of Abbeville, says, "Donald Landaiche’s Christmas tree mishap story on Monday reminded me of my childhood mishap.

"I had the bright idea to stuff flammable cotton into an empty Christmas tree light socket.

"When the Christmas tree went up like a matchstick, my father was able to rush in and throw the tree out the front door.

"I now live in the house where I grew up, and after almost 70 years I can still see with my mind’s eye the burned Christmas tree in the front yard, with blackened ornaments."

Pogo the candidate

Jess Jackson says he's often volunteered to work in political campaigns for candidates from mayor to president, placing flyers on car windshields and handing out campaign literature.

"It was all good clean competition, much like a sporting event, and when it was over we were all friends."

He says the most tumultuous political event he remembers was in the ’50s, when Pogo Possum ran for president. At a rally at Istrouma High School, supporters turned out to boost the candidacy of the comic strip character, singing 'Be kind to your friends in the swamp, a duck may be somebody’s mother.'

Says Jess, "It lasted until Little Fuzz (principal Ellis Brown) could get to the gym."

Gramp's lesson

Jessie LeBlanc, of Port Allen, says, "My six granddaughters call me 'Gramps.'

"One day while playing with one of my granddaughters I became agitated and cross with her.

"She looked me straight in the eye and said, 'When you act that way, I shall call you 'Grumps' instead of Gramps.'

"Eventually word got around to all my granddaughters, and I learned a valuable lesson!"

Ally on the way

Mary Elmer, of Metairie, says, "My 6-year-old great-grandson told his mommy after she disciplined him, 'Just wait, my sister is gonna come with me in my room and we’re not going to talk to you!'

"Already plotting and planning with his baby sister to be! I love what comes out of those little mouths!"

It's a puzzlement

Terry Grundmann sent me the "Peanuts" comic strip where Snoopy realizes the meaning of life is a bowl of food.

Terry said, "From what I’ve read about you in your column, you’re a member of the club too!"

Wonder what he means?

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