I guess it's because of the Masters, but I've received several golf stories lately. This one made me chuckle:

Donald Landaiche, of Donaldsonville, says, "I have to mention my two greatest accomplishments in sports.

"First, I was able bowl a perfect 300 game.

"Second, I shot a blistering 69 in my first golf game."

Donald says he didn't go on to the second hole, so I assume his effort tired him out. …  

Burgers to Britain 

More on UK food, from Larry Greenblatt, of Lafayette:

"Mushy peas have been around for quite a while. A hamburger acceptable to the American palate has not.

"It took a couple of American businessmen working in London (Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton), looking for a good hamburger, to change all that. They founded the Hard Rock Cafe in 1971.

"A flood of Americans looking for a good hamburger resulted in long lines at the only place serving a really good burger.

"Other restaurants wanted a piece of those tourist dollars and made their burgers acceptable. Before that, I can assure you the chips were great, but the burgers had a rather odd taste. …"

Burger nostalgia

George Berger, of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, waxes nostalgic about an iconic sandwich:

"I grew up in north Baton Rouge (Isrouma '60) and enjoyed some memorable hamburgers in the Baton Rouge area: What-A-Burger (the old ones, not the current Whataburger), Chuck Wagon, Casa Loma on False River, Toddle House, Hopper's and State Capitol Grill.

"Does anyone have any to beat these?"

Which reminds me

Since we're talking about gone but not forgotten burgers, I must mention the ones at Fairway View Club, a long-gone bar and eatery at the rear of Baton Rouge's Fairway View Apartments on College Drive.

Once I was sitting at the bar looking into the kitchen and watched a formidable lady in a white uniform reach into a huge metal bowl, get a whopping handful of ground beef and vigorously pat it into a burger.

That's how it's done. …  

Return flight

Rick Marshall says, "With the advent of drone-delivered packages on the horizon, I wonder if the flying courier will appear at my house if I have to make a return.

"I suspect this part of the technology was somehow left out of the research."

Flat nice people

Lucy Sloan says, "I was shopping at Bergeron's City Market on Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge and was being checked out by a very nice young lady, Marlena.

"She noticed I had a flat tire on my car. I offered to call someone, but she insisted on changing it for me.

"She did a very professional job in short order in the hot sun and refused to take any payment.

"I just wanted everyone to know that there are still angels among us."

Special People Dept.

  • Louis Theriot Libersat, of Henry in Vermilion Parish, celebrated his 104th birthday April 16.
  • Joanna Spring Champagne, of Baton Rouge, celebrates her 100th birthday Monday, April 26. (Daughter Dianna Spring Marks describes her as "an avid fan of Smiley," evidence she is a lady of considerable intelligence.)  
  • Jimmy Chauvin, of Abbeville, celebrated his 91st birthday April 16.
  • Charles and Sherran Sparacello, of Kenner, celebrated 51 years of marriage Saturday, April 24.

Mickey and Louise

Louise Poche, of Westwego, says, "I laughed out loud when I read (in the April 19 column) about Charlie Anderson’s friend Don deBoisblanc and how he pronounced it to the 'Dragnet' theme song. (We used to call the program 'Dragline,' because my dad worked on a dragline crane.)

"When I have to spell my name for someone, I often sing it to the tune of the Mickey Mouse theme song: 'L-o-u, i-s-e, p-o-c-h-e.'

"Sometimes adding, 'Why? Because we like you.'"

The Fab Five

Shooter Mullins responds to a recent column item:

"It's a fact that nicknames are popular in south Louisiana. I'm recalling a bowling team at the old Sugar Lanes in Thibodaux. A well-known quintet, they were called T-Lay, T-Woodie, Ping, Boo and Jake. Don't know how many of them could answer roll call today. Long time ago."

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