We've heard from several moms about getting revenge when their children have children of their own who misbehave in exactly the same way.

And "TW" says dads can also have ways to get even with their offspring in later life:

"Upon finishing my active duty Army enlistment and returning home for a visit in the early '90s, I noticed a 6-pack of beer, minus one, in the fridge.

"Knowing that my dad wasn’t a big beer drinker, I asked from whence it came.

"His response was that he found it up in the attic a while back and, not being one to waste much of anything, tossed it in the fridge.

"Now, I definitely remembered hiding that 6-pack of beer in the attic when I was in high school, at least 4 years prior.

"I asked, incredulously, if the beer was still good. Dad said he tried a bottle, and was surprised that it was just as tasty as any non attic-stored beer.

"I excitedly cracked open a bottle, took a drink — and immediately retched at the vile, disgusting, rotten swamp water I had just ingested.

"Dad just stood there smiling, and said that it was just partial payback for all the BB holes in the furniture from indoor BB wars, unauthorized use of his vehicles, and general parental gray hair!"

Numbers game

The week before a big game, some folks always start looking for signs and omens to predict the outcome.

Dana Guzzardo, for example, offers this thought:   

"As usual for this time of year, my son and I were discussing the upcoming 'Game of the Century,' and we discovered some facts:

1. The last LSU player to win the Heisman was in 1959 — NINE.

2. It's the 2019 season — NINE.

3. Burrow is No. 9 — NINE.

4. Game day is Nov. 9 — NINE.

5. Last "W" by LSU ended up 9-6 — NINE.

6. This will be the 9th attempt by the Tigers to come back with a WIN — NINE.

What ifs:

1. If we win, it will be Coach O's 9th win against a top 10 opponent — NINE.

2. If Terrace Marshall Jr. catches 2 touchdown passes, he will have 9 TDs on the year, catching up with Justin Jefferson and Ja'Marr Chase — NINE.

3. All that said, I predict we win by NINE!"

Tang and more

Alex "Sonny" Chapman, of Ville Platte, offers this memory:

"I remember during America’s 'moon shot' many critics raising the practical effects of spending so much taxpayer money on trying to reach the moon.

"NASA’s PR department pointed out the creation and development of Tang, the instant orange juice drink, and aluminum foil ('tin foil' in the South).

"I don’t know if there’s a direct correlation, but a few years ago I used a disposable cup attached to a holder on a water cooler, and instead of the pointed bottom of the cup, it was flat and could be rested on a table without tipping over.

"I’m just curious about why it took American ingenuity in the market place so long to figure out that real life dilemma."

Well, Sonny, look how long it took them to put wheels on luggage…

Drinking problem

After Marvin Borgmeyer disparaged folks who pay $3 a bottle for "smart water," John Hu came to their defense:

"Please tell Marvin B. — anyone who pays $3 for a bottle of 'smart water' really needs it."

Special People Dept.

Eddie and Janet Callegan, of New Roads, celebrated their 73rd anniversary Wednesday, Nov. 6.

Striking a balance

David Stoker says, "My good neighbor Smith Willis says a balanced diet is simply having a doughnut in both hands."

Mystery message

Marilyn Buzbee tells of the only case on record of a kid turning down a cookie:

"Braxton, one of our great-grandsons, was visiting us recently.

"He saw a fortune cookie in the fruit bowl and said, 'Gigi, do you know why I don't want that fortune cookie?'

"I replied, 'No, I don't know, Braxton. Why do you not want that fortune cookie?'

"His reply: 'Because I can't read.'

"He is 5 years old."

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