Richard Fossey says, "Like many Louisianians, I was glued to The Weather Channel when Hurricane Barry was threatening our coast.

"I heard a reporter on The Weather Channel announce a voluntary evacuation of Grand Isle, which she described as 'Louisiana's only permanently inhibited barrier island.'

"I've heard Grand Isle described a lot of ways, but I don't think anyone thinks of it as permanently inhibited!"

No big deal

Marsha Reichle and Frank Fronczek both told me after our spell of somewhat bad weather, "The storm should be named 'Hurricane Barely.'" 

Back to the past

Advocate editor Peter Kovacs tweeted this after the announcement that a favorite New Orleans snack is returning:

"We've brought the Times-Picayune back to daily home delivery. Now, they're bringing back Hubig Pies.

"What's next, K&B?"

Or maybe "making groceries at Schwegmann's…"  

Tasty tip

Yat reporter Keith Horcasitas says, "During my high school days in the late '70s at De La Salle, I worked after school and on Saturdays at the Piggly Wiggly at St. Charles Avenue and Cherokee Street.

"I'll never forget the home delivery I made on an old-fashioned delivery bicycle with a big basket.

"The delivery recipient, an elderly lady, tipped me with a Hubig's Pie.

"When I got back to work, I bragged to my coworkers about the 'Hu-BIG' tip I'd earned!"

Destination moon 

Dave Arata, of Waggaman, says, "The 50th anniversary of the moon landing brings back many memories.

"Boeing built the Saturn V rocket, which launched the astronauts to the moon, in half of the huge Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans.

"I worked for Chrysler Corp. (1963-1968) as an illustrator. Chrysler built approximately 12 Saturn 1B rockets in the other half of the facility. They sent astronauts into orbital and sub-orbital flights, to learn how to retrieve them and their capsules upon their return from space.

"It was a great group effort. It was Boeing's rocket that got them to the moon; however, it was Chrysler's rockets that taught us how to get them back safely.

"I still have conceptional drawings I made over 50 years ago of the Space Station — which at the time only existed in the minds of the very talented engineers I worked with."

Nice People Dept.

Mike Coon thanks "whoever paid the lunch tab for a table of Marine Corps League members at Walk-On’s in Zachary.

"We had just rendered military honors at nearby Louisiana National Cemetery, and stopped to raise a glass of Budweiser to the fallen Marine."

In Walt we trust

Yogi Naquin, of Bayou Blue ("Up da bayou"), has a moon landing story:

"When THE U.S. landed on the moon, my Pawpaw Charley was amazed that it had happened.

"He would go outside and look up at the moon and shake  his head in amazement.

"But one old man who worked with him at the ice plant/shrimp factory did not believe in the landing.

"Old Man Gustav said, 'They went in the desert and said they were on the moon.'

"As Old Man Gustav and Pawpaw argued in French, Pawpaw said it had to be true — because Walter Cronkite said it had happened."

Moon man

Sandy Shahady says, "My daughter was 3 when the moon landing happened. We walked outside and looked up at the moon in wonder. I told her a man had landed on it.

"She said excitedly, 'Yes! I see him!'

"I'm still laughing!"

Special People Dept.

  • Rena “Mama Day” Day, of Greensburg, celebrated her 103rd birthday Friday, July 19th.
  • G.W. Richardson, Gonzales, celebrated his 100th birthday Sunday, July 21. He was an Army staff sergeant in World War II.
  • Zenola Hall, of Ethel, celebrated her 90th birthday Friday, July 19.
  • Mary Lee Ourso, of Plaquemine, celebrated her 90th birthday Wednesday, July 17.

Choose your bird

"I know a 100-plus people must have sent this in," says Michael Hess, of Slidell.

Not quite 100, but many readers recalled this hurricane story. It's old, but still gets a modest chuckle from me: 

"Interview with a New Orleanian seen on national news:

"'Did they close the churches too?'

"'I don't know. I only go to Popeyes.'"

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