Frank Fronczek, of Baton Rouge, comments on our Friday story about the 1982 LSU-Alabama game, the last one coached by Bear Bryant, won 20-10 by the Tigers:

"I attended that game and was fortunate to sit right behind the Bama bench, near ground level.

"It was interesting to witness The Bear's coaching style. At one point, a Tide defensive player badly missed a tackle, leading to a long LSU gain.

"When he came off the field, he took a circuitous route, trying to blend into the crowd. Coach Bryant caught up with him, grabbed him by the face mask, pulled him eyeball-to-eyeball, and they had this conversation:

"'Son, is your mama here at this game today?'

"'Yes, sir.'

"'Do you think she is proud of that play?'

"'No, sir.'

"'Next time, make her proud, son.'"

Cross over crosswords

Storm Randall says, "I was reading about the lady who was forced to endure 'Sweet Home Alabama' (just after the LSU-Alabama game), and it reminded me of my own encounter.

"I opened my Advocate the day after the game and skipped the Sports section, since I was still in a funk about the loss laid upon us by the U of A pachyderms.

"Instead, I started the L.A. Times crossword. One across was 'Network that airs College Game Day live.'

"The answer was ESPN. Then I went to two down and noticed the clue was 'Bama's conf.' The answer was SEC.

"No one in the state had to be reminded that the SEC was indeed 'Bama's conf.' early that Sunday morning."

Halloween hero

Kathy Bradford, "Proud grandmother of eight," says Billy Cannon is not the only Halloween hero in Baton Rouge:

"On Halloween night, my grandson Parker Ashby became a hero.

"Kids of all ages were trick-or-treating in a small neighborhood in Shenandoah. Parker, 12, was walking along with his parents, Neal and Paige, and his younger brothers Cooper and Jaxon.

"In the blink of an eye, youngest brother Jaxon, 2, ran out into the street, right in the path of an oncoming truck.

"But Parker, ever vigilant, made a mad dash and snatched him back to safety before anyone else could even move.

"Jaxon and Parker missed the front bumper by inches — literally inches — leaving everyone breathless.

"A Halloween night we will not soon forget."

Special People Dept.

  • George Guidry, of Plaquemine, celebrates his 96th birthday Tuesday, Nov. 13. He is a retired Army colonel and was the longtime director of LSU Libraries.
  • Bernard P. Pentes Sr., a Navy veteran, celebrates his 91st birthday Tuesday, Nov. 13.

Losing by a nose

Alton Duke says an Advocate photo of a Bloody Mary in a Mason jar reminded him of evidence law enforcement used to track bootleggers and moonshiners.

"They could easily pick out customers by the crease across their nose from drinking illegal booze from a pint Mason jar."

Which reminds me

When I was doing summer reporting for the Clarksdale, Mississippi, Press-Register during my LSU days, I got this story from a federal officer with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms:

One Saturday, he was shopping with his wife at a local supermarket when he saw two guys with shopping carts filled only with bags of sugar, a major ingredient in moonshine.

He told his wife to ask a friend for a ride home and followed the guys' truck in the family car.

He followed them right to their 1,000-gallon still, the largest ever found in that area, and made an easy arrest.

When I asked him how the moonshiners could be that stupid, he laughed and replied, "Well, sugar WAS on sale that day."

No more jumping

Robert Robbins, of Baton Rouge, says this about Sonny Chapman's Saturday lament "that no one told him he would be gently lowering himself out of his truck bed at age 64 instead of jumping the 2 feet as of old.

"I'm sorry to tell Sonny that, at age 76, he can also look forward to gently lowering himself that last step off the running board as he exits the driver's seat."  

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