Ferd Guttierrez, of Lacombe, adds to our collection of fish stories: 

"Back in the late '50s or early '60s, three fishing buddies went out in a small boat and got caught in a storm.

"After a while of tossing around, they all got seasick. All three decided to place their false teeth on the dashboard of the boat, so they would not be lost overboard during the upcoming inevitable event.

"Upon arriving back at the boat launch, they were unable to decide what set of teeth went with which man. So it came down to trying each set on to be sure of a proper match.

"I am sure their descendants will know the story…"

Hometown baseball

Peter Bourgeois, of Opelousas, says, "When I was a young boy living on Orange Grove Plantation near New Iberia in the late 1940s, New Iberia had a baseball team in the Evangeline League, the Pelicans.

"My favorite player was the third baseman, Bo Cargill.

"Other teams in the league were the Houma Indians, Baton Rouge Red Sticks, Hammond Berries, and a few others.

"Herman Himel, my uncle and godfather, was business manager of the Hammond Berries.

"There was no television in those days, so people went to baseball games."

The Evangeline League has quite a colorful history. It started in 1934 as a six-team Class D league, expanding to eight in 1935. After a pause during World War II, it resumed in 1946, moving to Class C in 1949. It lasted through 1957.

Peter, your New Iberia team had four names between 1934 and 1956: Cardinals, Pelicans, Rebels, and Indians.

Stoner anthems

John Hulse wonders about my recent mention of John Prine's "Illegal Smile" as my favorite song about pot smoking:

"'Favorite,' as in there are some others you know? Wow!

"I couldn't even have conceived of such a thing. I guess we have, um, some different interests."

I was speaking strictly musically, John. Other songs on that subject I like are "One Toke Over the Line" by Brewer & Shipley (be sure and look up the Lawrence Walk version), and "Twigs and Seeds" by Jesse Winchester.

Year of celebration

Kirk and Carolyn Guidry, of Baton Rouge, celebrated their 51st anniversary Sunday, June 13. Since Carolyn's birthday was the next day, and since "due to COVID-19, we couldn’t do anything special last year for our 50th," Kirk says they leased an apartment in the French Quarter for a year. "Why celebrate one day when you can do it for a year?"

An illiterate's lament

Linda Dalferes says, "He’s 15 now and doing great in school, but my second grandson was most upset and crying when he was told that he was going to start school.

"He protested, 'But I can’t read!'"

Recovering fisherman

Dave Grouchy, of Covington, says, "T-Bob Taylor’s Friday segment on fishing reminded me that my grandfather, Frank Grouchy, taught me to fish.

"He was a conservationist and a chef back in the '50s. He taught me to take only what I was going to eat.

"Since then I passed through a phase of 'catch and release.' Now I’ve gotten so good that I don’t even catch. The fish don’t bother me and I don’t bother them. Thanks, Paw-Paw."

Food and fuel

Ronnie Plauché, of Morganza, says, "The winner of a bass fishing tournament from out of state was asked what he thought of competing here in Louisiana.

"He replied, 'It was a great experience winning, and I especially enjoyed the wonderful food you all have here.'

"Continuing, he opined, 'The GAS STATIONS here have better food than any place I've fished!'"

Death by vegetable

"My uncle was recently telling old family stories, one of which involved my aunt’s wedding in Opelousas," says Bo Bienvenu, of Prairieville:

"Her in-laws were staunch teetotalers, while no one in my family has ever faced such an accusation.

"The culture shock peaked at the rehearsal supper, when my great-aunt slumped face down into the serving bowl of green peas.

"The visitors were horrified that someone could reach that state, while my family was only concerned that she might drown."

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