He's one from our "Inquisitive Kids" file:

Buddy D., of Chalmette, says, "After a four-day evacuation to Sandestin, Florida, from Hurricane Ida, we decided to return home.

"Our wedding album of 56 years has been one of the only items my wife insists we include when evacuating from a hurricane.

"My oldest granddaughter Grace was more than happy to help Paw Paw bring our luggage to the car. Grace, who is a ball of energy (and nosy) noticed the wedding album and began flipping the pages.

"She looked up at Paw Paw and innocently asked, 'Who are these people?'

"I replied, 'Look close, you know these people.'

"After a couple of seconds she gave up: 'Come on, Paw Paw, who are these people?”

"I replied, 'That was MiMi and Paw Paw!'

"Grace replied, 'WHAT HAPPENED?'

"I could only come back with, 'Well, Grace, Paw Paw hasn’t shaved yet this morning.'"

Lost in translation

"I have enjoyed the story of folks being confused by linguistic misunderstandings in foreign countries," says Katie Nachod, of New Orleans:

"During a week in Germany, I kept seeing the word 'palatschinke' on menus.

"Instead of asking what it was, I assumed that 'palat' had something to do with the mouth, and I thought 'schinke' might be ham, so I decided it was pig's tongue.

"I assiduously avoided it on every menu, on the principle that I didn't want to eat anything that had already been in another creature's mouth.

"After I got home, I mentioned this to a German-speaking friend, and was dismayed to learn that I had missed out on pancakes. I can only dream about how good German pancakes would have been."

Automotive critic

Our mention of VW Beetles of the past brought this recollection from Dave Grouchy, of Covington:

"When I was a kid, we had no air conditioning, so we slept with the windows open.

"A beautiful young college woman lived in the apartment complex next door. One balmy evening, a party was held at the apartments, and the joy was shared with the neighbors until the wee hours of the morning.

"Around sunup a commotion ensued, and some harsh words were spoken. Apparently one of the party-goers found his Volkswagen Beetle sitting on top of the apartment’s dumpster.

Where To Go, What To Eat

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"Did I mention that some of the revelers may have been LSU football players with a wicked sense of humor?"

Rust remover

After Ken Best, in the Saturday column, mentioned "Grandma beads" of sweat and dirt around the necks of young boys, and wondered if it was just a guy thing, we heard from Rhonda Godwin, of Lake Charles:

"Tell Ken Best that the fairer sex did indeed have 'Grandma beads,' but my Mawmaw called it 'rust.'

"She grew up in East Texas, where the dirt is red."

Check that checker

Algie Petrere, of Central, adds to our discussion of the spell check feature on our social media devices with this advice:

"Be sure to check your messages before sending. Spell check just changed the word 'original' to 'urinal.'

"I'm glad I caught it. It could have been very embarrassing."

Special People Dept.

— Myrle Hebert Ostergren, of Plaquemine, celebrates her 106th birthday Monday, Sept. 20. She enjoys card games with friends.

— Juanita F. Perret, of Edgard, celebrated her 96th birthday  Saturday, Sept. 18th. She is retired postmaster of Edgard and Vacherie.

— Ray and Carolyn Blanchard, of Port Allen, celebrated their 61st anniversary Friday, Sept. 17.

Dark humor

Daryel Prust, of Baton Rouge, who is fairly new to retirement, confesses to having "mixed feelings on my aging status:

"During the Ida electrical power outage lasting several days, every time I went into a dark room in my house, although I did remember why I went in there, I invariably flipped the non-working light switch.

Tell the world!

Speaking of south Louisiana's widespread power outages after Hurricane Ida, Chuck Falcon, of Donaldsonville, recalls this simple pleaslure:

"What’s more exciting than a gender reveal party? Getting your electricity back.

"As someone would get it back, they would call or text all their family and friends. And everyone would be so excited for them!"

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