This submission is from "Name withheld to save my children some embarrassment at school."

Our anonymous contributor offers "A follow-up on your recent quotes by football coaches.

"I played football in high school, and had dreams of one day playing for LSU. I was a decent football player and even made The Advocate's honorable mention all-district list my senior year.

"So I approached my head football coach, who had a successful career playing quarterback for LSU in his younger days, and asked him if he thought I might have a chance playing for the Tigers.

"He looked at me, thought for a few seconds, then replied, 'I think your bad feet might prevent you from playing football for LSU.'

"I'd never had any problems with my feet, so I asked him how my feet were 'bad.'

"He told me, 'The problem with your feet is when you run full speed, your feet stay in the same place too long…'"

The other coach

Mike Boudreaux, of Bush, says, "Marie Minton’s Saturday story reminded me that when I was growing up on Florence Street in Morgan City, our neighbors rented garage apartments to young coaches in town.

"Children in the neighborhood, and there were many, just called these young men 'Coach.'

"When Carrol Baldwin and his wife moved in, we didn’t know what to call her — so she naturally became 'Miz Coach.'"

Picture perfect

Elliott Raisen, of Metaire, says our mention of the Russian satellite Sputnik reminded him of his 15 minutes of fame back in November of 1957.

"I got up at 5 a.m. on a bitter cold morning in Chicago.  The news said Sputnik 2 would be going over Chicago at 5:30. Sputnik 2 had a dog in it, Laika.

"I put an overcoat on over my pajamas and took my camera to the backyard. I set up the camera and watched the satellite move across the sky. I was so mesmerized by it I forgot to take the picture.

"I went out next morning, set the camera up and took a couple of 20-second time exposures of the satellite moving across the sky.

"I called the Chicago American newspaper and they said they would pick up the film and process it.

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"There were 50 photographers on the roof of a major hotel, and only the Life magazine one got a picture. They ran my photo at the top of the front page. They paid me  $10, and King Features paid me $15 and distributed it all over the country."

Elliott sent over copies of the Nov. 6, 1957 Chicago American with his credited photo at the top.

The news was not happy for Laika, the "space dog," who died after just a few orbits, although Sputnik 2 stayed in orbit five months.

St. Helena ways

Steve Shurtz, of Baton Rouge, says Thursday's story about waving at strangers "reminded me of my wife’s uncle, Edgar Allen, who lived in Liverpool, near Greensburg in St. Helena Parish (about as 'country' as you’ll find in southeast Louisiana).

"Uncle Edgar had the habit, when meeting an oncoming car, of lifting two fingers off the steering wheel as they passed. The other driver responded in kind.

"Uncle Edgar referred to this as the 'St. Helena salute.'

"Edgar also had the habit, when home, of ignoring phone calls. When asked why he didn’t pick up, his reply was, 'I put that thing in here for MY convenience.'"

Special People Dept.

— Marguerite "Geetie" Hebert, of Maison Teche in Jeanerette, celebrated her 100th birthday Tuesday, Oct. 12.

— James and Beulah LeJeune, of Scott, celebrated their 68th anniversary Sunday, Oct. 17.

Mom's wit

A reader says, "Last week was the 11th anniversary of my mother's passing at 80.

"The other night I was talking with friends who knew her about the quick wit our mothers had. (How many readers have stories about mothers' comebacks?)

"When I was in my '20s I did something that upset Mom.  I accused her of not having a sense humor.

"She came right back with, 'Yes I do; I kept you.'

"Game over."

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