Alex "Sonny" Chapman, of Ville Platte, comments on two recent column topics — political flyers and outhouses:

"Remarks about 'slick political flyers' remind me of a excerpt from T. Harry Williams' biography of Huey Long.

"When a campaigner consulted Huey about the paper to be used for his flyers, Huey fussed about a recommendation of using the slick stuff.

"Knowing his rural constituents had outhouses, Huey demanded that his flyers be on softer paper. He said the people would hang on to them longer and be grateful to him when they were put to good use later on."

Tiny houses

While we're on the subject of the house behind the house, here's a story from Karen Poirrier, of Lutcher, about a precocious kid's ability to recognize words:

"One afternoon as I sat at the kitchen table reading your column, my daughter-in-law Ann dropped off my two granddaughters Kenley (kindergarten) and Kennison (preschool) while she ran errands.

"After their after-school snacks, I settled back down to continue reading. Curious, Kenley climbed onto my lap, asked what I was reading and sat silently. After a few minutes, she said, 'Yes, we still have outhouses. We have some blue and yellow ones.'

"Kudos to her teachers at Chanel Interparochial School."

Cautionary tales

Joe Fairchild, of Thibodaux, and Kathy Higgins, of Metairie, were the first to point out that our armadillo discussion should mention the Hansen's disease (leprosy) connection.

Joe says, "Since I was a child, I have been warned not to fool around with armadillos. I checked the Smithsonian website, and it states that the armadillo and humans are the only animals to carry the leprosy bacillus."

Kathy says, "Although the risk to humans is low, experts 'advise not to go hunting, skinning or eating them.' Someone needs to warn armadillo aficionados to be careful."

This trait is probably why you never see the cute little critters for sale in pet stores. …

Rocket science

Carlotta Rody addresses a post-election issue that has often been the subject of my readers' complaints:

"I have a request for those with political signs all over their neighborhood.

"STEM and science teachers use those signs for fins for rocket bottles in the physics lessons.

"Please urge your readers to gift a local science teacher with those signs. You would be surprised at what they can be used for in a cash strapped classroom with an innovative teacher.

"As for the paper flyers, the burn pit or compost pile come to mind first."

Special People Dept.

  • Lt. Col. Don Louis Broussard, retired U.S. Army Engineers officer, celebrates his 100th birthday Monday, Oct. 14. He was honored Sunday, Oct. 13, at the Palmetto Club in Lafayette's Oil Center. A native of New Iberia, he served in England, France, and Okinawa in World War II and in Tokyo during the Korean War.
  • Eunice Downey, of Plaquemine, celebrated her 96th birthday Sunday, Oct. 13.  
  • Esther Morrison celebrated her 90th birthday Sunday, Oct. 13. She is known as "Mrs. Dutch" from the time she and her husband owned Dutch’s Lawnmower and Bicycle on Plank Road in Baton Rouge.

The hole truth

Richard Carter adds to our hole-in-one discussion:

"I saw in your column that Dick Pastorek had a 90th birthday.

"I played golf with him at City Park a couple of years ago. He made a hole in one on hole No. 5, his first hole in one.

"He hit the ball about 40 yards and it started rolling, and rolled about 60 yards into the hole."

A misdiagnosis

Speaking of golf, Rick Marshall says, "After having a mild stroke a couple of years ago, my left side was goofy.

"I asked my neurologist if I would be able to play golf after this event. She assured me I could.

"I replied, 'That's great. Because I never could before.'

"Well, she lied — because I still suck at it."

Love in the air

Algie Petrere says, "Did you ever wake up, kiss the person sleeping beside you and be glad you're alive?

"I just did and apparently will not be allowed on this airline again. …"

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