Dear Smiley: Who says we don't have seasons, just because fall, winter and spring get sorta jammed up by summer?

We have Crawfish Season, Mardi Gras Season, Football Season …

It's all in the point of view.

Might even consider Tabasco Season(ing), but that's a stretch.


Baton Rouge

Dear Fritz: A stretch indeed…

Free to choose

Dear Smiley: Definitely super special if grandkids choose the name for a grandparent!

My oldest grandchild, Shaelyn, looked up at me one day and simply said, "JuJu…"

That was it! I'm JuJu to my granddaughters, and my grandsons call me "Nana JuJu."



Beats "Granny Gatti"

Dear Smiley: When my first grandchildren (twins) were born, my son urged my husband and me to choose names.

My husband immediately chose Papa John. I couldn’t make up my mind. My son finally told me that he was going to call me “Domino” if I didn’t decide.

I quickly picked Mimi. We didn’t want to be two pizzas!



Just Joe

Dear Smiley: When my older brother by two years was born he was the first grandchild. My mother’s mother wanted to be called Mamou, which she was called for the rest of her life by all the grandchildren.

My mother’s father could not come up with a grandfather name. His first name was Joe and his father’s name was also Joe (everyone called him Daddy Joe).

So my grandfather said, “Just call me Joe.”

Well, he was called “Joe” by all the grandchildren for the rest of his life. Some people in our small town of Crowley thought that was strange, and that we were being disrespectful.



Dear Richard: While my son's kids and grandkids call me Paw Paw Smiley, my daughter's kids and grandkids all call me simply Smiley. Daughter Tammy explained to them that I wasn't mature enough to have a grandparent name …

Fancy talk

Dear Smiley: As an award-winning columnist, you can appreciate the value of a good vocabulary.

I called an old university classmate and asked what he was doing.

He replied that he was working on "aqua-thermal treatment of ceramics,

aluminum and steel under a constrained environment."

I was impressed…

However, upon further inquiry, I learned that he was washing dishes with hot water under his wife's supervision.


Baton Rouge

Resisting change

Dear Smiley: Our recent time change ("fall back") reminded me of one of Napoleonville’s quirkier residents.

Her name was Geralda Redding, and she was a very accomplished businesswoman and the owner of Napoleonville Lumber Co.

She refused to set her clocks back or forward with the national movement, and her employees had to report on the same schedule throughout the year!

When people were trying to get acclimated to the change, her employees were working — even though their families had to adjust.



Growth industry

Dear Smiley: Your "Gram's sayings" bought back memories of an old saying of my mom:

"A marriage is like a cotton field. You have to weed those cockleberries out and then fertilize it so it can grow!"

And yes, there were cotton fields all around us.



A little knowledge…

Dear Smiley: Sue Conran, in a recent letter to your column, has the same opinion of liver and onions that I have. Yuk!

As a child I was borderline anemic, so Mom kept trying to feed me those horrible things.

Finally I went to the library (no internet then) to research other foods that contained iron. I came home with a list of things I actually liked and presented it to Mom.

I think she was so amused by my diligence that she gave up the liver and fed me the good stuff.



The breaking point

Dear Smiley: I remember that at the age of 7 or 8 I would watch Friday night fights on TV with my dad.

The TV commentator described one of fighters' slim chances of winning the bout, since he had a “glass jaw.”

I’m thinking, this poor soul has a “glass jaw” and he picked fighting as his profession?

Now that I am older and wiser (?), I am happy to report that at least today, they manufacture shatterproof Plexiglass.



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