John Hu, of Baton Rouge, has found the physician some of us need these days:

"Just had my annual physical (with social distancing, of course).

"The nurse checked my weight, temperature, blood oxygen level, heart rate, etc., and told me I had lost seven pounds.

"When the doctor saw this, she told me to maintain my current weight; said a little extra fat is good for older folks — like extra savings in the bank, you never know when you might need it."

Musical interlude

Sitting at home has given folks time to play around with Broadway show tunes, adjusting their lyrics to our current pandemic. Frank Fronczek, of Baton Rouge, came up with this version of the title song from "Oklahoma!"


VID-19, with the virus sweeping down the plain.

Where we wave when we meet

It’s not so sweet

And we all share friends’ and neighbors’ pain.

We know we belong far apart.

And we’re waiting for businesses to start.

And when we say-y-y

Yeoow! A-Yuk-i-o-e-ay!

We’re only saying

You’re not so fine COVID-19

COVID-19, no way!"

Sorry, Richard

Edwin Fleischmann says our Saturday story mentioning an LSU fraternity's house mother, who resigned after the lads invited adult entertainer Candy Barr to lunch, was similar to his experience at another LSU frat event:

"In the fall of 1959 I was at a rush party for Alpha Tau Omega, and the star attention was to be Little Richard, aka Richard Penniman.

"He showed up, purple lipstick and all. When the house mother saw him, she said, 'Either he goes, or I go.'

"Well, the brothers were not about lose their house mother, so they cancelled the show, and out he went.

"We were disappointed, and I never did get to see him perform in the early days of his career."

Saintly memories

Roger Waggoner tells of a Saints-Cowboys game in 1967, the Saints' first year, in old Tulane Stadium:

"At some point, maybe in the third quarter, there was a horrible pass interference call against the Saints. Almost everyone in the stands started booing, and fans near us in the upper deck started stomping their feet on the metal structure.

"Soon the entire upper deck was shaking. The game was halted for I think 17 minutes, an NFL record that is surely still standing."

He also tells of a game the next year, when the football movie "Number One" was being shot at the stadium:

"When Saints quarterback Billy Kilmer was given his pregame introduction, Charlton Heston in full Saints gear ran on the field."

Special People Dept.

  • Gladys Borland, of Baton Rouge, celebrates her 101st birthday Saturday, June 13.
  • Mary Ann Dunn, of Clinton, celebrates her 94th birthday Friday, June 12.
  • Neelis and Bernice Braud, of Central, celebrate their 72nd anniversary Friday, June 12.
  • Curtis and Eleanor Mitchel, of Baton Rouge, celebrate their 71st anniversary Friday, June 12.
  • Joseph and Mary Judice, of Metairie, celebrate their 66th anniversary Friday, June 12. Joseph, aka "The Candy Man," is retired from Whitman's candy company.
  • Louis Anders (my baby brother) and Jane Crawford Anders, of Oakdale, celebrated their 53rd anniversary Wednesday, June 10. He's a Vietnam veteran; she's an angel.
  • Merlin (John) and Vickie Forbes, of Central, celebrate 51 years of marriage Sunday, June 14.

Creative hunting

Martin St. Romain says, "Stories about bars in Dulac bring back memories of a story my father-in-law, Gordon Barbier, told me when I was at his camp in the late ’50s.

"In the evening, we visited a bar at the end of Cocodrie along the bayou near his camp. He said that recently when he was at his camp with a friend, and having a drink at the same bar, he introduced his friend as a game warden to some patrons sharing drinks.

"His friend later asked why he did that. He told him the road towards the southern end of Cocodrie, which was connected to Dulac and very isolated, was where many of the bar patrons hunted rabbits at night.

"When he and his friend went out that night, they were the only ones around…"

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