Joanne Moulton, of New Orleans, says, "For the several days I was in the hospital with a new baby girl. My 2-year-old, Christy, had been told by her father and aunt that I would be back soon with a new baby sister for her.

"We lived near Dominican College, and a group of their nuns lived next door to us.

"When Christy saw the baby she looked very confused, and said 'Kister?'

"We realized she been expecting a baby nun for the 'sister'."

The great escape

T.W. says, "My older daughter made a stop at Rouse’s on Bluebonnet in Baton Rouge the other day to grab a gallon of milk.

"She left her three dogs in the car, A/C and radio on, expecting to be in and out in a couple of minutes.

"As she was making her way up to the register to pay, her escape artist dawg, Kuzco, came happily bounding up to her in the aisle. He had rolled down the car window and walked right into the store!

"She ran outside, assuming the other two mutts had also escaped and might be roaming the parking lot, only to discover that they were just happily enjoying the open window, with no intentions of stealing freedom.

"We figured Kuzco decided he’s gotta have Momma to ride out this quarantine — or he just felt she was offering him a challenge. Either way, I don’t think she’ll ever leave him alone in the car again. Next time, he might just drive away with it."

Quiet, please

Peggy Duffel Simmons, of New Orleans, says her father, V. L. Duffel, of Donaldsonville, told this church collections story:

"When it was time for the collection, Father Bastee would announce he wanted a silent collection: no coins, just paper money. This made my father laugh."

For the good times

  • "I am fully aware that money will be the decider of the new name of the Superdome," says Martin Audiffred, of Mandeville. "But this name reflects the people/culture of New Orleans: 'The Second Line Superdome.'

"I can visualize the top of the dome looking like an opened umbrella."

  • John W. Couvillon, of Baton Rouge, says, "The aura surrounding the Dome has been the concept of 'having a good time,' prevalent not only in New Orleans, but in Louisiana in general.

"In that vein, the only suitable name for 'our' Superdome is 'The Bon Temps Dome.'"

  • Jody McNeil, of Slaughter, says, "In honor of the thousands upon thousands of loyal Saints fans who have bled black and gold through the years, I propose we name our Superdome the 'Who Dat Dome!'"
  • Shooter Mullins says, "I definitely feel the new name should be: 'Mama 'n 'em Superdome.'

"It could only be New Orleans, and the Saints are a family thing, anyway."

Where's the beef?

"In reference to skimpy sandwiches," says Alma Mims, of Mandeville, "many years ago my husband and I decided to try a new eatery in Covington that just had opened.

"As we were leaving the place, my husband commented 'Well, we can take this place off our list; I don't want another see-through hamburger!'"

Special People Dept.

  • Barbara Bourgeois, of Baton Rouge, formerly of Gonzalez, celebrates her 92nd birthday Monday, June 1, while "tolerating the isolation…"
  • Andrew and Marian Jones, of Morgan City, celebrated their 67th anniversary on May 22. He is a Korean War veteran, and they spent the first 21 months of their marriage in Germany.
  • Grant and Barbie Collier, of Slidell, celebrate their 60th anniversary on Monday, June 1. 
  • Greg and Caroline Derbes, of Baton Rouge, celebrated their 50th anniversary on Saturday, May 30.
  • Julie and Ronnie Hoffer, of Denham Springs, celebrated their 50th anniversary on May 23.

Sticky situation

T. Cummings says, "I need your advice.

"Recently we ordered some groceries, etc., using a home delivery service. Among the items ordered was toilet paper.

"The toilet paper order was unavailable, and without contacting us, they substituted Saran Wrap (that clear, sticky film stuff used to wrap up leftovers).

"Is it possible…" 

(No. Don't even think about it.)

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