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Joseph W. Berey, of Covington, offers this example of going into a situation with too little information:

"My girlfriend and future wife of 52-plus years invited me to her home for dinner to meet her family for the first time.

During the course of dinner, over grilled hamburgers, her dad asked me a simple question: 'What kind of food do you enjoy eating?'

"As a boy from south Louisiana, I answered that I liked red beans and rice, fried chicken and fried seafood with French fried potatoes.

"Unbeknownst to me, my future father-in-law was sales manager for a major manufacturing company in New Orleans with a very popular line of pasta.

"Obviously, I rose above the failed first impressions."

Reward and snack

Bill Huey says, "During the Mississippi State-LSU football game, I noticed the Bulldogs had one of those collars given to players after they make an especially good play.

"The Tigers could probably use one of those.

"How about a boudin collar?"

Not a bad idea, Bill. But I'm a bit concerned about what would happen when they play Texas A&M, which as I recall has a beautiful collie for a mascot.

Read it and weep

This story from Sybil B. ("Proud to be a New Orleanian") deals with a sad but true condition in our state:

"My late husband and his siblings formed a group known as the '10 Enterprise,' which sponsored weeklong excursions from New Orleans to various parts of the country, such as Muir Woods in California and the Chicago Museum of Natural History.

"The trips were by bus, and the rides home often ended at night.

"On the way home one night I was awake, but most other passengers were sleeping soundly. I wondered if we were nearing New Orleans, but saw no road signs.

"I realized that we were NOT near home when a glance outside revealed pristine roadsides and no debris. I settled down to snooze with the other riders."

Carnivores in heaven

Jeannette Beck offers this inside look at a Louisiana tradition:

"My grandfather, T-Joe LeBlanc, was overseer on Avon Plantation many years ago.

"Every January several of the men who worked for him would have a boucherie. It was always cold and damp.

"My brothers and sisters would help make the boudin. Ms. Freden was the cook; we helped her blow on the intestines to make the boudin casing. It was a tiring job!

"She would stuff the meat into the casing. She would also stuff a huge pork roast with garlic and slowly cook it in her huge black pot.

"And she would also cook the tongue after it was properly scraped. That was the best!

"The hog was so huge, it was hung from a big cotogno (quince) tree. We all went away with fresh meat."

Lost and found

Continuing our seminar on Louisiana names, Gene Guidroz, of New Roads, tells this little story:

"Many years ago I came out of the barber shop on Main Street in New Roads when a delivery truck pulled up by me and the driver asked, 'How can I get to ’A-Bear's Jewelry?’

"I said, ‘It's across the street.’

"He looked, and said, 'That's 'He-bert.'

"The driver was not a Cajun. I explained it to him, and we laughed and shook hands."

Special People Dept.

  • Eleanor “Buddy” Mondart Walker, of Central, celebrated her 100th birthday Sept. 26. A native of Magnolia, now Greenwell Springs, she was a nurse at Baton Rouge General Hospital and Dixon Memorial Hospital.
  • Beulah Ferachi, of Plaquemine, celebrates her 97th birthday Monday, Oct. 5.
  • Virginia Hood Hager, of Metairie, celebrated her 96th birthday Sunday, Oct. 4, at a drive-by celebration by her family. She is a retired schoolteacher.
  • Bea Davis, of Albany, celebrated her 94th birthday Saturday, Oct. 3.
  • Michael and Carolyn "Punkin" Landaiche celebrated their 72nd anniversary Friday, Oct. 2.
  • Harvey and Loretta Gonsoulin, of New Iberia, celebrate 57 years of marriage (and 58 years as LSU football season ticket holders) Monday, Oct. 5. Harvey says, "The football seasons were almost as exciting as our marriage has been."

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