I'm having fun reading nicknames kids call their "grands." 

  • Sharon Woods, of Lafayette, says, "When my oldest of six grandchildren was just learning to talk, I was trying to use phonics to teach him to say Grandma: 'Ga,ga ma,ma.'

"He reversed it, and out came 'Monga.'

"Both his mother and her younger sister heard it, and from then on all six call me Monga. I get some pretty strange looks when out in public."

(I guess so — they probably think it's "Mongo" from "Blazing Saddles.")

  • Charlie Melancon, of "Baton Rouge by way of Napoleonville," says, "When my first grandchild, Jackson Melancon, began speaking, my wife Peachy had decided she would wish to be called Peachy.

"After much coaching, one day Jack blurts out what we thought was Peachy. But it turns out to be 'Chi Chi.' And it has stuck.

"I was to be 'Pappy,' but Jack shortened it to just 'Pap.' He’s still a pretty independent thinker."

Cruel and unusual

Kent Barton says, "I've always said that a definite deterrent to our current crime rate would be if criminals knew they would be fed liver, Brussels sprouts and buttermilk for each meal AND have to fold fitted sheets during their free time."

To leap or not

Readers have enjoyed suggesting names for New Orleans Saints players jumping into the stands after a touchdown (for instance G. Lusk proposes "Leap of Faith.")

But that killjoy Terry Grundmann, of Kenner, says Saints radio announcers Jim Henderson and Deuce McAllister called it a Fleur de Leap "the first time that saw a leap into the stands!"

Don't forget baseball

I'm not sure I've ever seen baseball players jumping into the stands — usually they just tip their cap to the crowd after a sterling performance.

But Glen Naquin, of Baton Rouge, says if the New Orleans baseball team's players do choose to make such a leap, it could be called the “Baby Cakes Bounce” — which sounds like an interesting name for a trendy dance…

Eat your greens

Doug Johnson, of Watson, says, "Comments about eating beet greens reminded me of something that happened about 12 years ago.

"I noticed that when I let our young poodle outside, she would go to the same weed in a flowerbed and eat some of its leaves. Later she would go to the back yard and eat leaves from a similar plant at the edge of the lawn.

"I was curious enough to try it myself, and found that it was tasty. The weed is burdock. After some research, I learned that many weeds in our area are edible, and some very good. My favorite is reed sprouts."

Special People Dept.

  • Irene Hebert, of Norco, celebrated her 103rd birthday on Sunday, Nov. 12.
  • Mildred Hastings celebrates her 93rd birthday on Tuesday, Nov. 14.
  • Bernard P. Pentes Sr. celebrates his 90th birthday on Monday, Nov. 13. He is a World War II Navy veteran.
  • Doris McCoin celebrates her 90th birthday on Sunday, Nov. 19.
  • Russ and Laurie Kercher, of Mandeville, celebrate their 55th anniversary on Friday, Nov. 17. (Says Russ: "It almost didn't happen, as three weeks earlier, during the Cuban missile crisis, my unit with the 1st Infantry Division was packed and ready to deploy to Cuba. Thank God cooler heads prevailed.)

Off on holiday

Now that I'm recovering from my Major Injury, a few days of rest are called for. So I'll be taking part of my Well-Deserved Vacation.

As usual, Lady K and I will be staying at Bubba's Exxon, Motel and Bait Shop in Back Brusly.

Bubba's chef at his All You Dare to Eat Buffet, Large Marge, won't be cooking, however. She's been away since a heated dispute with her sous chef and main squeeze, T-Boy. Fortunately, says Bubba, "the cleaver missed."

As a substitute chef, Bubba has engaged a lady, "Maxine the Knife," whose main profession is gutting and skinning nutria. (He promises she'll wash her hands before going to work in the kitchen.)  

Marge will be back for Christmas, he hopes — something about "good behavior." So holiday diners can enjoy her famed "Roasted Mystery Bird."

See you soon…  

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