Jolie Bonck, of New Orleans, says, "This happened when my now 31-year-old daughter was about 2 or 3 years old.

"I was holding a plate of cookies, and she asked for some. I told her she could have two.

"She picked up one and counted, 'One,' shifted it to the other hand, picked up the second one and said, 'Another one,' shifted it and picked up the third and said, 'Two.'

"Great way to count any sweet treat!"

Acceptable losses?

Surfing around TV one afternoon, I came upon Paul Finebaum's call-in show, which is kind of a Jerry Springer show for football fans in the South.

It's a good place to go for passionate but uninformed views on the Tide, Dawgs, Hawgs, etc.

The show is usually entertaining, but lately the pandemic's restrictions on football fans at games have turned some of his folks into amateur epidemiologists.

One gent told Paul the usual 100,000 or so fans should be allowed at his favorite college's games. OK, he said, so some of them would get COVID-19. But probably only 1% or so would actually DIE from it…

He might have said more, but by then I was in shock and missed it…     

Downtown place

After the bar/dance hall La Poussiére was described in the Wednesday column as "near" Breaux Bridge, we heard from Sam Irwin, of Baton Rouge:

"As a native of Breaux Bridge, I can assure you La Poussiére was 'in town' and not 'near' Breaux Bridge, which was founded in 1799 when Firmin Breaux built a footbridge across Bayou Teche.

"I could hear the Cajun music from my house a block away, at the intersection of St. Charles and Poydras. It was located only two blocks away from my Corner Bar honky-tonk.

"La Poussiére’s correct geographical location was on 'dis side of the bayou,' while everything else was on 'da other side of the bayou.'”

Marriage and cooking

Ernie Gremillion, of Baton Rouge, says, "I saw in the Wednesday Advocate the story about the couple in Seattle who had been married 71 years and still used a toaster they got as a wedding gift.

"It would be interesting to get feedback from your readers on similar stories. Mine would involve a pressure cooker we have used during all of our 61 years of marriage, and still use.

"Fortunately, it came with a lifetime guarantee, where you could have it refurbished for a minimum charge — which I have taken advantage of on a couple of occasions."

Grin and bare it

Charlotte Keller says husband Jim wondered: if you vote for presidential candidate Kanye West's "Birthday Party," can you do it in your birthday suit?

She told him no…  

Special People Dept.

— Charleyn Oliver, of St. James Place in Baton Rouge, celebrates her 99th birthday Thursday, Oct. 22. (This comes from members of her University United Methodist Church Covenant Group, who approve this message.) 

— Ken and Nancy Mullins, of Luling, celebrate 66 years of marriage Thursday, Oct. 22.

— Jason and Joan Hegwood Fendlason, of Zachary, celebrate their 64th anniversary Thursday, Oct. 22.

In medical news…

Bill Huey addresses the revelation of my New Orleans hangover cure:

"Seeing your mention of the curative powers of three Krystal hamburgers reminded me of one of my favorite places of ministration to the suffering in New Orleans: Port of Call on Esplanade, where the massive cheeseburger and baked potato, chased with a couple of cold ones, did the trick every time.

"Not easy to drive over there in pain, but worth the effort."

But it works, Bill, only if you avoid their delicious fruity drinks served in coconuts or pineapples. Get into those, and the next morning your ailment will be back, and worse than ever…

Super costume

Glenn Balentine, of Prairieville, says, "One Halloween I dressed as a reporter, wearing glasses, a hat, and a press pass.

"At a party, several costumed friends wondered who I was (someone guessed Smiley), until I reappeared as Superman."

Cool idea, Glenn, but I'm curious: where did you find a phone booth to change in?

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