I recently suggested that a story about a rural adventure contained a fine phrase for dealing with a dilemma: "Between the sow and the outhouse."

Brecca Liuzza tells of the origin of a favorite phrase:

"One night when I was about 8 my mom and dad were in the kitchen fixing dinner.

"Dad grabbed a tomato, walked to the other end of the kitchen to the cutting board and knife, and sliced it. Then he walked back for another tomato to slice.

"Mom said, 'I think you’re too far away from the cricket bucket.' They started to giggle, then to really laugh.

"Dad told me the cricket bucket story:

"He was around 8 when he saw their cricket bucket outside and thought he would catch some crickets and go fishing in the pond behind their house.

"There were pieces of old concrete in the yard, and he found crickets under the slabs.

"He would grab a cricket, run to the cricket bucket, put it in, and run back to grab another one.

"His grandpa, Gramps (Steve Liuzza), pulled up in his old pickup and watched his grandson run back and forth with his crickets.

"Then Gramps walked over to Dad, and with a sweet loving smile said, 'Baby, I think you’re too far away from the cricket bucket.'

"Dad laughed in embarrassment at how funny this was, and never forgot this story.

"We still use that phrase when one of us walks too many steps to do something."

Organ recital

"After reading Bubba Guidry’s comments to you (about organ meats) in the Monday paper," says Craig M. Bennett, of Morgan City, "I remembered when we moved to Morgan City from the country around Eunice and Basile.

"I went with my mother to the local meat market, Michel’s. She introduced herself to the butcher as being new to the town, and ordered sweetbreads, melt, heart, and tongue.

"The butcher (Bubba’s grandfather) behind the counter said, 'So, Mrs. Bennett, I see you are going crawfishing.'

"She told him, 'No, I am going to make a beef broth.'"

Unfrozen treat

Pat Hogan, of Covington, tells this food story:

"In 1966 our ship was deployed to the Mediterranean for four months. Being from St. Bernard Parish, I befriended Norman "Runner" Barron, from Hammond.

"One night at sea, I couldn't sleep and went to the crews mess to kill time before going on watch.

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"Four crew members were in a card game. Runner had opened a 303 can (16-17 ounces) of sliced peaches, put half in a bowl, and added sugar and canned milk. He offered me the other half.

"Chief McGowan turned to me and said, 'You Cajuns will eat anything.'

"I asked him, 'Have you ever eaten peach ice cream?' He answered yes.

"I explained to him that what we had was basically peach ice cream."

Pat adds that their food critic, McGowan, "ate peanut butter and sardine sandwiches."

Dead reckoning

Earl Newman says, "My wife and I were watching the movie 'Oklahoma' when I was particularly struck by one of the song lines: 'You never know how many friends you have until you die.'

"Makes me want to hug everybody."

Special People Dept.

— Jerry H. Black, of Baton Rouge, celebrates his 100th birthday Wednesday, Nov. 24. He is a graduate of LSU and served in Italy during World War II.

— Walter D. Landry Jr., of Brusly, celebrates his 92nd birthday Thursday, Nov. 25.

— Di Anne and Michael Blouin, of Baton Rouge, celebrate their 61st anniversary Wednesday, Nov. 24.

— Stuart and Betty Lasseigne, of LaPlace, celebrate their 50th anniversary Wednesday, Nov. 24.

Change your tune

Frank Fronczek, of Baton Rouge, joins our discussion of whistling:

"Years ago, I was walking in Coates Hall at LSU when a co-worker broke into laughter.

"Turns out I was whistling 'I Feel Pretty' (from 'West Side Story').

"Still not sure what she found so funny about that."

Thought for the Day

From Algie Petrere: "If my body wants wine, I drink wine. If my body wants to dance, I dance.

"If my body wants to clean the house…well, you can't always get what you want!"

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