With the historic LSU-Ole Miss football game coming up, Bill Haynie, of Slidell, tells "my dad's favorite LSU football story:

"My dad, Larry Haynie, left Marksville for the Ole Miss game in Baton Rouge in 1959 with a friend. During the game he had to visit the stadium rest room.

"He said later, 'I heard a loud roar that seemed to go on forever, with the stadium rocking.'

"Result: He was there but did not witness the famous Billy Cannon runback.

"I might add, having attended many LSU games myself, that I know he was not the only person to miss the runback while taking care of urgent business."

Speaking of football

You may have noticed I haven't done the column for a few days.

This was not because I was lounging around on some tropical island, as you might have assumed.

On Saturday I fell and busted my shoulder, making it pretty much impossible to navigate a keyboard — even if I had felt up to it.

Lying in the Lady of the Lake emergency room, I was receiving "Poor baby!" expressions from my caregiver, Lady Katherine, aka Florence Nightingale II.

She found the LSU-Auburn game on the telly in the room, and I watched in pain and dismay as those other Tigers romped all over the LSU variety.

They patched me up and let me go by halftime, and when I settled in at home to watch the game, LSU was on its way to a victory, the pain pills had kicked in, and life was once again rosy.

Nursing humor

My encounter with the medical community made me appreciate these T-shirt messages submitted by Marsha R.:

"Yes, I’m a nurse. No, I don’t want to look at it.

"Nurses — We can’t fix stupid, but we can sedate it."

Name that game

Clarkson A. Brown Jr. says, "I see lots of people listing the monikers for previous LSU-Auburn games.

"I believe that calling this most recent effort 'The Resurrection Game' has a certain measure of truth in it."

Play ball!

Pam Rice, of Baton Rouge, says, "You know you live in a college town when the electronic sign outside the CVS store shows a sale on PING PONG BALLS!"

Got jukebox?

Caty Steward says, "Theatre Baton Rouge is searching for an old jukebox (doesn't need to work) for our upcoming production of 'Sister Act.'  We wonder if any of your readers might know where we could find one to borrow for a few weeks. Contact TBR at (225) 924-6496." 

Special People Dept.

  • Dorothy Lively celebrated her 98th birthday on Tuesday, Oct. 17.
  • Joseph Slocum celebrated his 91st birthday on Sunday, Oct. 15. He is a World War II Navy veteran.
  • Arlene and A. J. Hymel celebrate 56 years of marriage on Saturday, Oct. 21.
  • Jim and Maria Lord, of Metairie, celebrate their 50th anniversary on Saturday, Oct. 21.

Holden pattern

J.B. Castagnos, of Donaldsonville, says, "I just got back from my annual trip to the Madisonville Wooden Boat Festival. I've been doing this since I finished my cypress bateau in 1994.

"I take La. 63 to I-12, and can't help but smile when I see the first exit sign.

"On one of the early trips my son Ben was with me. When he saw the sign 'Holden 1 mile,' he said, 'The referee must have really been angry — that's usually 10 yards."

Language barriers

Cheryl Adams tells this "foreign language" story:

"I left my then 2-year-old daughter Caitlin with her dad while I ran to WalMart for dog shampoo.

"I returned home to a crying, very frustrated child and a confused husband, who alternated between scratching his head and muttering that he didn't speak Spanish!

"It seems Caitlin wanted to watch TV, but couldn't find the 'trote commol.'

"Writing TV watching off as a dead end, she then asked for her 'mass a geen.'

"Poor dad! When I got back and translated 'remote control' and 'magazine,' both made me promise to never leave them alone again until they could 'speak English!'

"(Submitted over the objections of Gerald Adams — and, no, he's not blond!)"

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