This story, by Lloyd St. Pé, of Covington, reminds me of the movie "Airplane!" and the search for a pilot among the passengers after the crew gets sick:

"I worked for and retired from Chevron Oil Co., managing offshore production platforms.

"One day I was with a crew of workers ready to leave a platform to come home. They were all loaded into the helicopter when the pilot and I contrived a plan.

"We took a seat with the other workers, and waited until the workers started complaining, getting agitated and angry that it was taking so long for the pilot to arrive.

"All of a sudden, the pilot stood up and said, 'The heck with this; I'll fly us home!'

"When he jumped in the pilot seat, I never saw those workers move so fast getting out of the helicopter!

"We had a hell of a time convincing them the man who jumped in the pilot seat was actually the pilot!"

No beer for you!

A beer story from Ronnie Melancon, of Gretna:

"One summer in the late '50s two friends and I drove up to New York for a short visit, and particularly to take in a Yankees baseball game (and see Mickey Mantle in person).

"Pee Wee Reese and Dizzy Dean were going to be in the booth for the game, broadcast nationally on CBS television.

"I used to watch the 'Game of the Week' at home, and good old Dizzy would advertise Falstaff beer. He did this on live television, so I assumed the rest of the nation was seeing the same thing I saw.

"We had a little time to kill before the game, so we stopped in a nearby bar for a cold one.

"When I told the bartender I wanted a Falstaff, he said, 'What?' When I repeated my request, he said, 'What are you, a wise guy?'

"How was I to know New York did not sell Falstaff? After all, Dizzy was going to advertise it in a short time just down the street!"

Drinking problem

Elaine Hasperue, of New Orleans, has a story combining two recent column topics: beer and monkeys:

"My mother-in-law had a camp on Lake Pontchartrain many years ago.

"When guests left some beer in bottles, the camp's monkey, Chi Chi, would finish it off. The next day he'd run around with his hands on the sides of his head, so we figured he had a bad hangover."

Thanks, Doc

George Traylor says, "In March our 5-year-old dachshund, Hetty, injured her back and could only move about by dragging her hind legs.

"Thinking we might have to put her down, I made some calls and was referred to Jefferson Animal Hospital in Baton Rouge. With Dr. Kim Bonaventure's treatment and guidance, Hetty is almost 100% back to her old self; running, playing, and enjoying life once again."

Special People Dept.

— Doris Davenport, of Baton Rouge, celebrated her 91st birthday Tuesday, July 21. The celebratory trip to the Dinner Bell in McComb, Mississippi, has been put off until a later date.

— Joan Giraud, of Metairie, celebrates her 90th birthday Wednesday, July 22. She was a buyer for Hausman Jewelers, a tour guide, and is currently an artist.

Initial reaction

Eddie Cole, of Blairsville, Georgia, says, "Growing up in Baton Rouge, I remember hearing the initials 'J.D.W.' on the radio.

"Strange name, I thought — until I saw it written in the newspaper one day: J.D. DeBlieux!"

Laughing matter

Ron Stewart says, "When I was about 15, my two uncles (not much older than me) and I were sitting in Grandma’s kitchen when she called Kitty’s Beauty Shop for an appointment.

"We started laughing when she said, 'Is this Cutie's Biddy Shop?' Irritated, she dialed again and said the same thing, 'Is this Cutie’s Biddy Shop?' She still had not realized what we were laughing about.

Ron says she didn't see the humor in it, and adds, "I don’t think she ever went to Kitty's Beauty Shop again — and we never laughed about anything she said on the phone again."

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