Ross DeNicola says, "I have read in your column about things we no longer see — dial telephones, outhouses, etc.

"How about hand signals when driving, turning right or left, or stopping?

"The younger generation has no idea about these actions, which occurred before electronic turn signals."

That's true, Ross. Now if only THIS generation would discover electronic turn signals…

To drivers one and all

That's what Sybil Boseman, of New Orleans, titles this little safety poem, dedicated to "Madeline and Meghan:" 

"Listen, drivers, and be aware

That all riders are in your care.

Account for precious fingers and toes

Before you allow any door to close.

Insist that every belt be locked tight

Before your vehicle can take flight.

Before your feet meet the street

Check each and every back seat.

Lock the doors, secure the keys,

Drive safely every day — please!"

Looking good?

  • Ted Jones, of Baton Rouge, says, "When people tell me that I am looking good at 85, I respond by saying, 'Thank you. I know it’s a lie, but I appreciate it!'"
  • Chuck Falcon, of Donaldsonville, says, "What's worse than being told you look good for your age? 'You never change.' So you look the same as you always have. Nice knowing you looked old even when you were young." 
  • Mattie Bienvenu, of Prairieville, says, "Another great comment about 'looking good' came from a sweet old Cajun lady when she saw my aunt after a long absence: 'Mais cher, you’re fat — but you look good.'”

Ask Mr. Answer Man

Alex "Sonny" Chapman, of Ville Platte, has a question for Mr. Answer Man:

He says, "As a product of the '60s, questioning everything, and as a fan of the master wordsmith, George Carlin, I was recently stopped in my tracks by one of the most common words in our Louisiana language: crawfish.

"I can understand where the 'fish' part of the word comes from; they are aquatic. But what about the 'craw' part?

"They do have claws. But what’s a craw?"

Mr. Answer Man replies, "Happy to help, Sonny. The 'craw' part in crawfish, aka crayfish, is based on the pronunciation of the French word for them, 'écrevisse.' The 'cre' portion of the word gave English speakers the 'cray,' modified to 'craw,' especially in these parts."

Cool treats

Dorcas Wrecza, of Mandeville, follows up on our stories of folks who provide cold drinks for the folks who pick up their trash:

"Twice a week my husband Terrence puts a bag with three sodas in it on top of the garbage can. The workers have told him time and time again how much they appreciate it.

"He recently began giving the mailman a can of soda every day.

"What a guy!"  

Special People Dept.

  • Carl and Mary Ann Mistric celebrated their 67th anniversary Friday, June 28.
  • Justin and Betty Bozeman celebrate 64 years of marriage Monday, July 1.
  • C.L. and Emily Steele celebrated their 60th anniversary Sunday, June 30.

Hell is nice

After I indicated in the Thursday column that Hell, Michigan, wasn't a popular tourist destination, I heard from Phil Larkin:

"You shouldn't knock Hell, Smiley; you may actually like it.

"That is, Hell, Michigan…It a has a lot to offer; go visit their website,

"They have the Hell Hole Diner, The Hell Saloon — you can buy a piece of Hell. You can even get a degree from the Damnation University.

"Go check it out. They have fun with it. So what are you waiting for — go To Hell. (Been there a couple of times myself.)"

Getting your attention

Ernie Germillion says, "Seeing your Saturday list of unusual street names reminds me of two businesses we encountered on our way to Grand Isle.

"One in Golden Meadow was the 'Hubba Hubba Club,' a must-stop on the trip. The other was a bait shop below Golden Meadow called the 'Minnow Pause.'"

Test of faith

Rick Marshall says, "Homeowners are all familiar with the term, but I wonder if an atheist's tree falls on his neighbor's house, would he and his insurance company consider it an 'act of God?'"

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