With Valentine's Day fast approaching, our thoughts turn to love, flowers and candy.

Our unpaid Yat reporter, Keith Horcasitas, says in his elementary school class, boys and girls were paired for the exchange of Valentine's Day gifts:

"Well, lo and behold, I got picked to pair with Gigi Hillery, a neighbor, and the first girl I ever kissed (at age 5, in exchange for a McKenzie's glazed doughnut). I still had a crush on her."

Keith says when he presented her with "Valentine candy mints I bought at a K&B nearby" and "a nice big red rose from my grandmother Tita's garden," Gigi "plucked a thankful kiss on my cheek that Valentine's morning."

He adds, "All I could do was what any 10-year-old boy would do at that point: I said, 'Yuck!' and continued playing football with my classmates."

Protest poetry 

Danielle Laird says, "My 9-year-old son Colin wrote a haiku about the botched call at the Saints' playoff game and the aftermath.

"He is studying haikus at school and got inspired. Here it is:

"The refs have no eyes

The Saints totally won it

Curse those nasty Rams"

"We told him it really wasn’t the Rams' fault, but the poem stands."

Danielle, I agree with Colin. After the botched call, the Rams coach should have told the referee: "Sir, you fellows missed an obvious infraction, and it would not be sporting for our boys to benefit from such an error. Therefore, we feel the victory should be awarded to our worthy opponents."    

Liver and less

My recent mention of my fondness for liver and onions brought this tale from Buck Blouin, of Prairieville:

"I, too, love liver and onions, and cook it at least twice a month, much to my wife's chagrin.

"When I was younger (quite a few years ago), I used to love to crawfish. I would use beef melt for bait.

"One day, I called my wife from work and asked her to take a pack of frozen liver out of the freezer so I could cook it when I got home from work.

"When I came inside, she said, 'There must be something wrong with this liver; it smells awful.'

"Turns out she had mistakenly taken out a pack of beef melt, which looks very similar, by mistake.

"I took out a pack of liver and refroze the melt — the crawfish didn't seem to mind.

"She thinks I eat weird stuff — maybe I shouldn't tell her about the calf brains, squirrel brains, chicken gizzards, hearts and liver, and tripe.

"Some folks don't know what they're missing."

I don't know, Buck — I could miss most of that stuff you named without a problem. 

Seeing purple

"Have you received any reports of purple martin sightings?" asks Randy Soileau.

"I saw a purple martin Wednesday flying around gourds used for martin houses. This sighting was in the community of Valverda in southern Pointe Coupee Parish, between Livonia and Maringouin."

Special People Dept.

  • Anna Lee McAnelly Fronczek Strait celebrated her 99th birthday Saturday, Feb. 9. A former Louisiana resident, she now lives in her native Texas.
  • Carl Meriwether, of Baton Rouge, celebrated his 92nd birthday Sunday, Feb. 10.
  • Juanita Hotard, of New Roads, celebrated her 90th birthday Feb. 1.
  • Bryan and Jacqueline Waguespack Guillot celebrated their 60th anniversary Thursday, Feb. 7.

Hanging offense

After we mentioned hat-friendly restaurants (ones with hooks for hanging your hat), Ted Jones added one:

"I wear a Borsalino hat every day, summer and winter, and in New Orleans, I have to put my hat under my chair in restaurants other than Galatoire's.

"It's a shame public restaurants do not provide hat racks."

And Leslie Fogleman says, "If there is no place to put my hat when inside a building, usually I place it on the floor beside me upside down. Almost every time, including at church, someone walking by will pick it up and hand it to me.

"In regard to baseball caps, I heard someone say that reversing the cap lowers your IQ."

Tell me, Leslie — when you put your hat by you upside down, do people ever drop money in it?

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