The word for today, class, is "hubris."

Merriam-Webster tells us the word comes from ancient Greece: "To the Greeks, hubris referred to extreme pride, especially pride and ambition so great that they offend the gods and lead to one's downfall."

In the understandable jubilation after the LSU football team's victory over Alabama after eight years of frustration, I sense that the Tigers' fans, especially on social media, are coming dangerously close to hubris.

It might be time to curb our enthusiasm a bit and realize the team still has three Southeastern Conference teams to play. If they win those games, it's likely Georgia for the SEC championship.

Then, if they make it to the playoffs, there's a very real chance they could face the Crimson Tide again — and you might remember what happened the last time LSU played Bama twice in one year.

On paper, LSU seems on its way to a championship season. But on paper, there was no way the 1-7 Atlanta Falcons could beat the 7-1 New Orleans Saints.

Unfortunately for the Saints, the game was not played on paper…

Nice thought, but…

On Monday, my mailbox was bulging with calls for LSU coach Ed Orgeron to be elected (or maybe just proclaimed) governor of Louisiana.

But in reality, you can't just name a governor. And it's a bit late for a write-in campaign. Also, the logistics are very difficult, as I discovered years ago with my ill-fated "Dr. John for Governor" campaign.

Besides, I rather think Coach O is having too much fun in his present position to take on another job.      

Only in Louisiana

Every year about this time, when we get the first really cold weather, I'm reminded of the morning years ago when I was walking into Baton Rouge's downtown post office and overheard the two guys in front of me.

One guy said, "It sure is cold today."

The other one replied, "Yeah; it makes me want to kill a pig."

Piece of history

After mention of the fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago, we heard from Michael Hess, of Slidell:

"I was 10 when the Berlin Wall went up. Shortly after the wall fell in 1989, a student and his father went to Berlin for his father's business. The student, David, brought me back a piece of the wall.

"As one who taught history, it is one of my most treasured possessions."

Nice People Dept.

Jay thanks the folks at Benny's Car Wash in Baton Rouge for offering veterans a free car wash on Veterans Day Monday:

"I brought my ID papers, and as I entered the car wash I was greeted by a very nice young lady who keyed in the information along with a very sincere, 'We thank you for your service; have a blessed day.'

"In the wash area I was greeted by a gentleman who also thanked me for my service and handed me a cold bottle of water.

"How nice to be appreciated as a veteran."

Special People Dept.

Mathilde Fabre, of Harvey, celebrates her 90th birthday Wednesday, Nov. 13.

Lt. Doodle Bug

Alex "Sonny" Chapman, of Ville Platte, says our seminar on roly-polys, aka pill bugs or doodle bugs, reminds him of this:

"In East Texas, they're doodle bugs. Because it’s hard to tell whether they’re facing frontwards or backwards (kinda like a VW), the doodle bug gave rise to a nickname of my wife’s nephew in Jasper, Texas, some 65 years ago.

"When Green Durell Moree began crawling as a toddler, he did so going backwards. His parents shrieked, 'He’s a doodle bug!'

"The name stuck within the family. Very few people in the Beaumont Police Department ever knew that Lt. Green Durell Moree, now retired, was really known as 'Doodle Bug' in his private life."

(And even if they did know, Alex, who was gonna call him that? He was armed…)

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