We've been having a lot of recollections about memorable pets lately. Here's one from Martin St. Romain, of Raceland, that adds football to the mix:

"At times during Thibodaux College's high school football season in 1951, we had only 15 players.

"We would scrimmage half the line against the other half.

"Our coach, on occasion, had college students from Nicholls State suit up and practice against us, to better prepare us for upcoming games.

"Even though we lost most of our games and didn’t score very much, everyone on our team enjoyed playing, never complained, or was unhappy about the circumstances.

"We were a close group, and did our very best to represent our school.

"During a Sunday afternoon game in Raceland, a strange but funny thing happened.

"I lived directly across the bayou from Raceland High School. My Labrador retriever dog, Rex, swam across the bayou and interrupted the game by making an appearance on the field.

"I don’t remember if we were penalized for having 12 players on the field. ..."

Different strokes

Charlotte Thorne, of Denham Springs, tells a story showing how folks can react to the same event in differing ways:

"We have a large pecan tree that fell in the wake of Hurricane Laura.

"My little son looked out and said, 'I finally got my dream! I got my own jungle!'

"My husband looked out and said, 'Free wood. You cut, you carry.'

"My mother looked out and said, 'Let's have a 'fall' party — bring your own chain saw!'"

On the job

Catherine Altazan, of Port Allen, thanks "the Postal Service in Port Allen for delivering mail during Hurricane Laura. Our mail was delivered Thursday morning, and included two bills from Entergy — which I was happy to pay, as Entergy restored our power in record time the same day!

"The dedicated employees of these two companies need to know they are very much appreciated!"

Initial reactions

  • Linda Williams, of Covington, says, "My daughter's fiancé, Jeremy Thomas, has a gray tabby kitten. It took him a while to name the kitten, but he finally settled on Charles A. Thomas. They call him Charley — or C.A.T."
  • Mary Kay Cowen, of Marrero, says, "My cousin in Ohio has a dog named SUD. He is a terrier mix that has a most unusual … personality (let’s go with that) and is not really what you would call cute. His name stands for Stupid Ugly Dog."

Special People Dept.

"Uncle Joe" Horil, of St. Francis Villa Assisted Living in River Ridge, celebrated his 100th birthday Saturday, Aug. 29, second-lining with his family to the New Orleans Jazz Band. He is a World War II Navy veteran who says his long life is due to "never holding a grudge."

Skeeter Town

T-Bob Taylor, of Panama City Beach, Florida, wants me to settle an argument for him.

"I can never let the discussions on Louisiana names pass me by without thinking of Maringouin (in Iberville Parish).

"I've witnessed discussions by those who seem adamant that this is a Native American word, when my findings show it's a French word for 'mosquito.'

"How about you and your readers?"

Rather than bother my readers with this, since they might be busy with other pursuits, I consulted my research department, headed by a Mr. Google.

There I learned this about Maringouin:

"The name, which is Cajun French in origin and means 'mosquito,' is pronounced 'mah-ring-gwin.'"

Which reminds me

In my very earliest days as a reporter for the Shreveport Times and then the Morning Advocate, I worked some late shifts, until midnight or 2 a.m.

In those days the best way to settle a bar bet was to call the newspaper and ask the poor reporter on the desk — Mickey Mantle's home run total, the capital of Delaware, the 36th president, etc.

The callers, and the other bettors, had usually stayed a bit long at the bar, and losers often vigorously disputed the information provided by the newspaper person.

Refereeing these late-night arguments, I realized this was something they didn't tell us about at LSU's Journalism School.     

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