J.R. Clary Jr., of Baton Rouge, says stories of TV and movie cowboys' personal appearances "remind me of the tale told by Jay Thomas, veteran comedic actor from 'Murphy Brown' and 'Cheers.'

"In 1970 or so, Jay was a radio DJ in Charlotte, North Carolina, doing a promotion at a local car dealership that featured Clayton Moore, TV's 'Lone Ranger.'

"Jay and his assistant looked like 20-year-old DJs from that era — long hair, tie-dyed shirts, big heels on platform shoes, unshaven, driving a 10-year-old rattletrap car.

"As they were leaving, they noticed the Lone Ranger waiting for a ride which had not materialized, so they offered him a lift to his motel.

"During the drive, in heavy traffic, an irate driver backing up his Buick to escape his stalled lane crunched into Jay's clunker, breaking a headlight, then fled.

"Jay pursued, and at the next light pulled the offending driver over and confronted him.

"When Jay said they intended to call the police, the older Buick driver laughed and sneered, 'Who do you think the police are gonna believe, kid?' pointing at the two long-hairs.

"At this point, the Lone Ranger, still in costume with hat, holstered silver guns and mask, steps out of the car and announces: 'They'll believe ME, citizen!'

"Liability matters were resolved promptly…"

A century of brewing

For 100 years, south Louisiana folks have started their mornings by stumbling into the kitchen, reaching for a red bag of Community Coffee, and using anything from a French drip pot on the stove to a shiny K-cup dispenser to extract the dark, rich liquid that gets them going.

Donna Saurage, of the Community family, says since "this is our centennial, our roots are in Baton Rouge since 1919, and we are the largest family-owned retail coffee brand in America, to celebrate we are gathering Community Coffee stories from our customers, friends, employees, retirees, vendors, etc.

"Wouldn’t it be fun to hear those stories from your readers? Will you ask them? I would love to hear YOUR Community Coffee story."

You can send your stories to me, or directly to the company at pr@communitycoffee.com

My Community story

On a vacation drive across the Florida Panhandle one autumn, we had planned to spend Saturday night in Tallahassee.

I had cleverly checked and found that Florida State had an away football game, but not so cleverly failed to note that Florida A&M had a homecoming game that Saturday.

Finding no room at the inns near Interstate 10, we drove on, finally finding a small motel well east of town.

In the morning I was still tired from the long drive, and needed some strong coffee. But we had forgotten to pack our stash of Community, and the in-room coffee resembled dishwater.

I shuffled into the lobby hoping for some coffee just slightly better than the stuff in the room, but not expecting much.

But there stood THREE gleaming urns of different Community roasts. As I stared in awe (possibly crying a little with joy), the clerk observed, "You must be from Louisiana — we get that reaction a lot."

"As welcome surprises go, it is among my top two or three…"

Trapping dinner

June Street has a message for Mike Buchart, who said he had great raccoon recipes but was having no luck hunting them:

"After raccoons ate all the goldfish in our pond, my husband declared war on them. He got a Havahart trap and started capturing them last year.

"So far he has introduced 39 of the pesky varmints to Blackwater Conservation area. Maybe Mike needs to get a trap!"

Telling about towns

Joseph W. Berey gets a kick out of town mottoes:

"Having grown up in the 1950s between Albany and Hammond, I felt like I had two hometowns, each with its own motto.

"In the case of Albany, its motto was 'Home of the Finest Strawberries and the Prettiest Girls on Earth.'

"On the other hand, Hammond had an interesting, amusing and probably true motto of 'Home of 10,000 Happy People and a Few Old Grouches.'"

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