When I was a kid visiting my grandmother Mae Anders at her country home outside Gloster, Mississippi, she would sit on her front porch and wave at folks who drove down the gravel road.

I'd ask who she was waving at, and most times she didn't know. I figured this was just an odd country habit. 

Proud mom Linda Dalferes says her son the Rev. Craig Dalferes, pastor at Grace Episcopal Church in St. Francisville, addressed this in his church newsletter. He said on childhood drives with his grandfather, he noticed him waving at other drivers:

"I find myself doing this now. … I’m so happy to see that folks still wave to each other when they pass. You don’t see that so much in bigger towns. …

"I once read there’s a Zulu greeting which people exchange when their paths cross. The word is 'sawubona.' It translates literally as, 'I see you.'

"The word conveys the sense of recognizing the worth and dignity of each person. It says, 'I see the whole of you — your experiences, your passions, your pain, your strengths and weaknesses, and your future. You are valuable to me.'”

I guess that's what my grandmother, far out on a lonely country road, was saying to those strangers as they drove by. … "I see you."

Sounds fishy

Lisa Matherne says she has a "very literal" grandson:

"He is in third grade, and his critical thinking is just so literal that sometimes we wonder how he will get through school.

"He was given three vocabulary words before he read the story or context of the words. He was to answer: 'I have never heard this word before,' 'I somewhat know this word' or 'I know the meaning.'

"The word was 'debate.'

"He said, 'Oh, too easy. I know what this means. It's what you do when you finish fishing!'"

Going Cajun

Tony Falterman, of Napoleonville, visualizes a huge business opportunity stemming from the influx of people coming to south Louisiana to help with Hurricane Ida recovery efforts:

"I recently stopped at a service station/food take-out store in Amelia near Morgan City.

"Nearby is a huge campsite used by utility workers from throughout the country.

"As I stood in line to pay for some fried chicken I was about to purchase, I overheard a 'foreign' worker ask an employee if she had any boudin 'nuggets,' because he wanted an order with fries!

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"There will be a lot of 'pseudo' Cajuns after Ida’s damages are fully repaired and all utilities are restored. Boudin and jambalaya vendors may have a huge export business!"

Bum on dumb

Tom Boone, of Gonzales, adds to our list of coach quotes:

"When Bum Phillips was coaching the Saints, he responded to a reporter who asked how he thought his team had performed, in a game they won even after committing several costly errors.

"Bum said, 'We tried to out-dumb them, but they overcome us.'"

Sweet Sunday

Nancy C. Van Den Akker says our stories about Sunday post-worship lunches at Piccadilly Cafeteria "reminded me of when a new bakery opened in Gentilly.

"People were really excited — until we found out they didn't plan to be open on Sunday!

"Where would we get donuts after church? They eventually relented."

Ole mistake

Annie Kelly says our mention of the Ole Miss cheer as "Hoddy Toddy" was not correct: "It is HoTTy ToDDy — two 't’s,' then two 'd’s.'"  

Special People Dept.

Sam Gallo, of St. James Place in Baton Rouge, celebrates his 92nd birthday Tuesday, Oct. 12.

Corn, pickles, oh my!

After a reader mentioned pickles in gumbo in the Saturday column, I heard from T.W.:

"As someone who admittedly plays it fast and loose with my gumbo by adding corn (for which I have taken lots of grief, from you in this column, and countless others), I have to say I was very pleased to read that Karen McLin's husband adds dill pickles to his.

"Not because I approve of that type of blasphemy, of course, but because now there is someone publicly lower on the gumbo totem pole than me!"

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